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Raspberries on Breakfast with the Beatles KLSX

Lew Bundles

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Yep, you all are getting it. You're on your way to incredible marketing savy(wisdom).

In Southern California, A Big Band station, 690 A.M., 101.1 F.M.(Oldies) and 99.9 F.M.(Oldies also, with a different kind of presentation- It seems less commercial, and more 'people'-relational inclined), all promote different styles from their main style.

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Ah, just what I was thinking in the wee hours of the morning in Cleveland, after the meet and greet of the Raspberries Reunion Concert. I wrote in my Post-Reflections: "There will be many more accolades and fans everywhere for Raspberries. Don't ask me how I know, I just do."

Again in New York, I told them they'll be "on top of the world."

Hold on...it's comin'!

smile --Darlene

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I just heard the same station, 97.1, say they are having a music contest by sending an Mp3 to them. Whoever wins, gets a $500. 00 certificate to The Guitar Center. There's one in L.A., not far from the HOB.

I think it's for best guitar lick, keyboard solo, and drums.

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I've heard about other shows like this over the radio. When they put it on the internet, there could be a three to five minute delay, or more, as Bernie said. It's important that the radio station know that they are supposed to put it on the internet on the weekend, because there could be someone different who didn't hear about it during the week.

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