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I was listening to Raspberries today, and passed my perfume tray, and there it sat...a tiny bottle of Patchouli essential body oil -- you know, the "Spirit In The Sky" kind we purchased in those "head shops" in the '70's (what ever happened to my pair of roach-clip earrings?...) Oh well, we were all kids then, but that scent sure brings back some memories...I used to wear it to every Raspberries show. That brand is gone, but punching "Patchouli" up on the 'net brings up every available kind. Just wondering, is anyone besides me going to wear some to A Walk Down Abbey Road and experience the concert in true Sense-surround, or should I say, "Scent-surround?"... --Darlene

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Oh, thanks a lot, now that "Spirit In The Sky" (Norman Greenbaum???) song from my teens will be rolling thru my cerebellum all night long...

"Goin' up to the spirit in the sky, that's where I'm gonna go when I die..."

As for patchouli, I never had it, to be honest, I just didn't get into it, maybe it's something you needed to be using those roach clip earrings with to fully appreciate, lol!

I do love fragrance tho, and I will have to find something appropriate for the show... perhaps my green tea fragrance would be suitable... or maybe my Wicked Wahine (I'm serious, that's a real fragrance, and I've worn it for years)... that probably would've been more appropriate for the show in Hawai'i...

Hey, anyone have a Phila. fragrance? :D

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Wicked Wahine?!!! What a great name! What does it mean? Who makes it and where do you get it? Is it Hawaiian? The only Hawaiian thing I ever wore was Avon Hawaiian Ginger. There was once a Merle Norman perfume (beautiful) with a Japanese base called Pikaki, which I loved, but they discontinued it.

Just a thought, maybe the girls should have a "Dress Like The 'Tonight You're Mine' Girl" Contest! WHERE would we find those shoes anymore? I think they're better than what's out there now. Any comments, girls? --Darlene

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Yes, it is Hawaiian, made by the Royal Hawaiian Perfume Co.

I buy it in Disney World, at the Polynesian Resort, and it really is a very exotic and sensual fragrance, in my opinion. A "wahine" is a Hawaiian maiden (correct me if I'm wrong about that, Chris).

As for the shoes... well, you can still get that type at places like Fredericks of Hollywood, but of course, I only know that via the grapevine, I *never* shop there


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