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Happy Birthday Jim Bonfanti

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Dear Jim, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, You look like one of Raspberries, and you play like one, too!"

You've made the biggest dream of *my* life come true. Now I wish you the biggest dream of *yours!*

And a hundred more Happy Birthdays!

smile --Darlene spinspinspinspin

P.S. Matt, thanks SO much for letting us know! cool

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Happy birthday to the foxiest raspberry! Hope you and Barb have a GREAT day!!

All of your tireless work in helping make the reunion possible has made these past few months something we all were able to celebrate. Now it's your turn!

Looking forward to seeing you on New Year's Eve!!!


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Happy Birthday, JIM!

My, how you 'Berries have NOT aged! You and the guys all look great. Tremendous drumming at the HOB reunion show. I've read that at one time post-Raspberries you gave up the drums for awhile. Well, I would never have known based on the 11/26 performance. Superb!

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