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Boats Against The Current - 30th Anniversary!

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Your interpretation of Boats is word for word mine. I heard that song, and I felt like at the time when Muhammed Ali did rope a dope on George Foremen, he kept getting knocked down but kept coming back... I love the silver lining angle, and frankly always felt it.

Anytime you say tomorrow, it's a silver lining.

Eric has tons of songs with lyrical and vocal urgency and the words "Tonight" in them, a one day exercise, not a commitment, "Tomorrow" was a maturation process, that I took positively, and unveiled a world with more gravity and commitment than "Tonight"..

It just hit me at the right time.. but I still say would be a hit song today.

Great blog. Like to se what EC thinks.

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I've never interpreted the song as optimistic, or, at the least, as having a happy ending. From what I read, I don't think Eric saw it that way, either. There's a difference between not giving up on love or a relationship (the 'positive' spin on the lyrics) and the kind of fatalistic pursuit of love that can't be reconciled between your heart and your brain. If I'm reading this correctly, Eric can't help himself even though he knows he's in for a painful ride. Kirk.

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Eric, you had a couple of the verses to "Boats" come to you at night. The next day, music flows from the piano. Without delving further into the meaning of the song, how did this go from being about you and Jimmy Ienner parting ways to romantic ballad? Are there some lines that remain/pertain to Jimmy and others written solely in the context of failing romance? It's a part of the "Boats" mystique I've never been able to get a handle on. Thanks, Kirk.

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Originally posted by Eric Carmen:

I got into bed, thought about what I wrote, and then got up and deleted them. I haven't decided whether I should try to explain the song, or just leave it to everyone's own interpretation. I suspect the latter may be the better course. ec

Rats! Missed it!


Glad I'm not the only one who has 2nd thoughts about what I post.

There is a lot to be said for 'interpretation' or 'theatre of mind' w/ songs. I've always liked a lot of music videos but in some cases it takes away from ones own interpretation.

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