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Raspberries Tape Died

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I bought a CD recorder very early on, and couldn't wait to convert my tapes. One problem! I had recorded so many 90 minutes tapes that I didn't know which songs to cut out od my CD's. I remember a friend of mine who loved the Alice Cooper tape that I made him. He wanted me to convert it to Cd, not knowing that about 15 minutes (74 minute cd's at that time) would have to be cut. He could never decide which songs to cut, so I never made the CD for him,.

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I still have my 8 tracks of Fresh and the first two Eric solo records. God, did I hate those fade outs and fade ins! "No Hard Feelings" comes to mind.

Producers and artists spend hour after hour deciding the right formula for what song should follow what song and then 8 tracks just throw them wherever they land, baby! If they don't fit, we'll cut 'em up and make 'em fit!!!!!!

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