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Calling all EC.Com board member musicians!

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This question is for all the EC.com resident musicians: If you had one or two songs on a Berries/EC album you wished you could have played on, which ones would they be?

Now for those of us who know excellent music when we hear it but can't hold a tune in a bucket: Choose one/two songs you wish you could play on an Berries/EC album what would they be and which instrument?

As for my choices - since I am not a musician and I for sure can't hold a tune in a bucket...

EC Song - No Hard Feelings - guitar.

Berries' Song - I Can Remember - piano.


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What a great question.......

before seeing your answers I came up with with a tie for Raspberries - I Can Remember (Piano) and of course Go All The Way (Double-Necked Guitar anybody?)

For EC songs I'm reminded of watching EC on I think the Merv Griffin Show (circa 1977?) when EC appeared with Clive Davis. I was 17 or so and my father was transfixed by EC playing All By Myself...and then Boats Against The Current...after all....one of my father's favorite songs was Never Gonna Fall In Love Again. He was astounded that such a young man could have such compositional range. So anyway.....I'd say piano/vocals on Boats Against The Current. What great lyrics...and great singing.

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**I just plain suck at guitar. I got a 'D' in guitar class in high school. But barring my lack of talent, here it is:

I'm a Rocker -- guitar

& I have to agree w/ HT since the song permeated

my brain yesterday for some reason:

I Can Remember - piano.

** (I sing much better -- once I won 100 bucks

singing "Pour Some Sugar On Me" --- I really do

have the raspy rock voice)

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Originally posted by Paul Davie:

This is WAY too hard.

I'm a bassist, too. And I happen to pick Ecstacy, too.

But as a harmony singer, I'd also go with Let's Pretend.

On an EC song - the bass feel of All By Myself is a key element to its' hit power.

It would have been a proud day in MY life if I played those notes, in that style, on the recording. If it ever came on the radio 20 years in the future, it would be cool for my grandkids to be able to proudly say..."that's my grandpa on bass!"

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There are a few! I can play piano by ear and would love to play piano on "Starting Over," but never got all of Eric's notes down. I would love to do violin parts on any of the songs, in fact, I play string parts with them every once in awhile. I think Neil Gilpin's fiddle solo is perfect, though, and I would leave it as it is.

What I *would* have loved to play is the violin parts on "Desperate Fools."!

Really great question!

smile --Darlene

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My first choice would be "I Can Remember" since there was no sheet music and it took me about three months to figure it all out. All the while repeatng to myself over and over "this man is insane..." Lotta chords and notes in that one.

2nd Choice would be Sunrise. Love the weird intro (also fun to sound out) and the Elton John Powerchord fade with the two drummers and the false ending. Pure heaven.

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I really enjoy listening to Eric voice on Let's Pretend. It was so clear, so perfect, I fell in love with the voice immediately. I always wish I could sing and Eric had all the qualities in a voice I wanted.

I love the piano so my favorite is “Run Away†although there are so many others I like too.



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HT Beth--Cool question, interesting comments.

Let's see, I might choose piano on "I Can Remember" and "Boats," with "Run Away" as the runner-up. Or, I might have to say guitar on "Ecstacy" and, yep, "Lost in the Shuffle." I always liked the guitars in "Take It Or Leave It," too.

Of course, as someone who's been in journalism/writing/editing for 20-some years, I think I really, really would like to have been the lyricist of "Boats Against the Current" -- great verses, very literate plays on words, real poetry. Yep, I would love to have written "Boats." I'd have that baby printed on heavy stock and framed on my wall.

My runners-up for lyricist duty: "Nowhere to Hide" and "She Remembered." It's tough to beat those for imagery and emotion.

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