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Agggh! Thanks for the tipoff Bernie! Would you believe it, I have to go into my OFFICE tomorrow (don't ask), and I have to be there at 10 AM!!!! So this is definitely going to be a VCR appointment for me...I have had some problems with this new cable system I got since moving back here in getting it to record off the channels properly, so I guess I'm going to have to test it tonight to make sure it works!!!!

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Just turned off the tube.Jim and Eric sounded ready to rock. I believe that are just as nervous and excited as we all are.Eric mentioned the web site and that fans from England,Spain,Holland,Japan are on thier way,so I guess he does visit this site. How could he not with the GREAT work that Bernie has done. Eric said the concert will be a "Love Fest" Also that there will be 'surprises' I'm betting that they debut a new song to thier most loyal fans.Both Eric and Jim were pleasantlty surprised at the fast sell out ( 4 minutes ) Erics voice sounded a little horse so I'm guessing that he is ready to go as he mentions in Marathon Man that he is at his best this way.

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