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Eric singing non-Eric songs


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I just listened to both again (you can kind of do a 'battle of the bands' thing- they are tracks 17 and 18 on the BMG-Japan "Best of" cd. "My Heart Stops" was my pick. "Reason To Try" didn't make me cringe as much as the first time I heard it. I guess my frustration with that song at the time was: If you're betting on a revival of your career it is better to it on the strength of YOUR material- either up or down-but at least it was your best stuff at the time, not somebody else's--Kirk.

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I voted for Reason to Try.

It may not be for the music itself.

It had been my desire to listen to Reason to Try for 12 or more years (!) and I finally did two month ago.

U.S. fans have a great advantage of getting most of Raspberries and Eric music except for Winter Dreams (I Was Born To Love You) and 3 solo album CDs. Japanese fans were able to buy Winter Dreams earlier than funs of any other countries and still 3 solo albums are sold at a better price.

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Noriko-- Japanese fans have it MUCH better than U.S. fans.

In Japan, all four Raspberries LPs plus their Greatest Hits have been released on CD. To date, NONE have been released in the U.S. As for Eric's solo LPs, only his first and the Geffen album are available domestically. In Japan, not only has each one been released, but each one has been released MANY TIMES over the years! The best that we have here is a few compilation CDs here and there.

All in all, it is good to be a Japanese Eric Carmen fan! --Bernie

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I remember sitting in my car waiting for my daughter to come out of school and playing "My Heart Stops" over and over and over again. I was trying to like it. Really I was! I just don't like the way it is sung, and the tune doesn't do much for me either. Niether of these songs are top notch. Unreleased songs such as "It Should Have Been Me" and " High Cost Of Loving" are both much better. And of course "Devil..." & "Wild Wild Heart" also beat out these two by a mile. And take into consideration that MHS & RTT are both polished while the others are not.

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I voted for My Heart Stops because it's catchy. It's not the best song for sure, and it almost

doesn't sound like Eric singing, but since I know

he IS singing, and the tune is catchy, I do like it.

Reason To Try isn't one of my favorite songs (see

Tony, I don't blindly LOVE everything Eric has done), but he recorded it for a reason and I respect that. Like I said, I wouldn't mind hearing him sing some inane commercial, so I like

to listen to everything he does, but definitely

My Heart Stops over Reason To Try.

smile --Darlene

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I remember watching the olympics on TV and hearing Eric singing. I was so excited for him. He was due some great publicity. What great exposure he was getting too. For that reason, I have always liked that song, after all it was Eric singing. Darlene and I have a lot in common, I too appreciate everything Eric has done.

I also like My Heart Stopped. I think it has a very catchie tune and I find myself singing it around the house now and then. So for that reason I will go with My Heart Stopped.

JUNE smile

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Both "Reason to Try" and "My Heart Stops" are in Japanese "Eric Carmen Best Selection" which was released in 1996.( I believe...) I think the record company knew that they were not his BEST,but they added these two songs in the best album as a gift for his Japanese fans.

I think Bernie is right. Maybe we Japanese fans have them much better than U.S.fans.

So Bernie,Why don't you come to Japan? You are always welcome to stay in my house. Bring Darlene,too. laughlaughlaugh

By the way,I voted for "My Heart Stops". smile

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Bernie, Kazumi, you guys are right.

Japanese fans in Japan are really royal to Eric and as a result, recurrent album release.

They crave for Eric's new album and a concert tour to Japan.

They must have ALL what I want now.

It's just the matter of not pursuing your desire in my case.

I thought Eric has gone out of the music scene before I found this site.

(How wrong I was!)

But also timings were wrong.

For the past 7 years I spent most my time out of Japan (including a rural town of Kansas and Tennessee) and had not have a satisfactory Internet connection.

I even didn't know the release of Winter Dreams and I Was Born To Love You.

Now I finally have time, a better Internet connection and EricCarmen.com, I can search for music and any other important things what I've missed without knowing. happy

Also I am very much appreciated for letting me talking about my interest!

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Out of the two, "My Heart Stops' gets my vote. I often catch my hubby singing “Wo, wo, wo, my hearts stops, my heart stops, I can't explain it…” to himself when he's doing the cooking, then he grabs me for a "dance' around the kitchen. Eric may not have written it, but he's singing it and that gets the thumbs up from me. I like "Reason to Try' as well, but not quite as much.


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