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raspberrywine, Mike C., Billy K., Kirk, aggiesjc & Gene, thanks for the fabulous concert reviews!

Tony, that is really funny to read that Eric had his "hands on you"! crazy It definitely appears that the band really does read this message board.

I'm so envious that you heard them play "I Saw the Light" and "Starting Over" in concert. Those are two Raspberries' songs that I still haven't witnessed live in person. These musical masterpieces must have made a great evening even more special. Hopefully, they will permanently add these songs to their set list and tour back in the New York/New Jersey area again. It is so good to hear that they are adding more superior Raspberries' material to their set list and less inferior covers.

From the sound of it, it seems like the band certainly did "go all the way" to make this an evening of "ecstacy" for their fans. I'm glad to hear that everyone had a fan-tastic time Friday night! spin

Jealous Jeff in Jersey

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Still recouperating from a late flight back to Baltimore last night...or this morning ?? I'm not sure which time zone I'm on yet.. happy

Everyone's reviews have pretty much said everything I feel about the show Friday night.

It was incredible. The guys sounded SOooo good, (and looked fantastic!) I've mentioned this to several people already, but the energy level the band puts out...for 2+ hours boggles me ! How do they DO it ? I wouldn't even try to pick a "favorite" song from the set....I was just trying to "take in" every moment and savor it as long as it lasted. They had the entire crowd rocking, hand clapping and yes, swaying wink ...and at times, the emotion of the songs had some of us in tears..(DWSG). I noticed, too, there were a lot of young people there, having a great time !(except for the few behind us that apparently had just a little too much to drink, were having just a bit too much "fun" and ended up being sent home early !!)

So nice to see everyone from here again...Jennifer, thank you for making that long drive back to San Diego and getting us there safe and sound at 3:30am !, Bernie, happyhappy , and everyone that joined us for dinner, what fun ! Kazumi, Julia and Stevie, June, Kirk, Tony and Ellen, Baby Sister, John, Gina and Anthony, Jay and Lisa, Mellie, Al and Denise, Al and Marla...just such a great bunch, it was so great seeing everyone..if I forgot to mention anybody, I'm sorry...I'm sleepy...but you know you're included in my great memory of this amazing night. Gene...thank you, LOVE the pictures happy

And, lastly...I couldn't help but notice what a good time Paul Stanley seemed to be having during the show ! (Talk about clapping and swaying...)

Thank you, Dave, Eric, Jim and Wally (and the Overdubs) for another PERFECT night of music and smiles. Marlene

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Ahh, Marlene. Reading your post just makes me even more jealous. There I was, playing the s l o w background violin parts for Jack Jones, with a quick-fingers part just every once in awhile to keep me from falling asleep, when I could have been rockin' along with Paul Stanley to a roof-raising Raspberries concert!

Betchya I'll be at the next Berries show, though!

smile --D

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I'm glad Darlene got to hear part of the concert over the phone. I was on the left side, to Eric's right, correcting my earlier post(tired). When I was standing outside, Ken Sharp was walking by, as were getting ready to go upstairs for the Meet and Greet. I didn't know it was him, but a lady in line said that she used to know someone from years ago. Ken recognized who she was talking about. She was so happy to see him, and Ken gave her a Raspberries bookmarker. She thought it was a pass. I did, too. And that raspberrie smell- I didn't have to get close to it. At the Meet and Greet, Al said that they would be video taping this show. And who would be doing it? None other than someone who has worked for Brian Wilson, formerly of The Beach Boys. I hope all the settings were done alright, to see if we all can get a copy sometime. They had two cameras. One looked like it could move over and around the audience. Got in just in time to be at the second row near the front for the concert, because during the Meet and Greet, someone said they couldn't keep the doors closed, outside. We were running behind. This meant that they might get the front sections, before those who paid more money to see The Raspberries. A photo with the band, and I told Eric I was Mike C from the website. So, I hustled downstairs, and no crowds came in for about 15 minutes more. When it started, I could feel the power from the kickbass of the drums in my upper chest and neck. The excitement was just beginning, because it would last for two hours. Over halfway through the show, people in their twenty's were walking behind, me, and getting a better look of the band. Plus, they couldn't help jumping up and down, sometimes pushing and hitting my back. I couldn't figure out how I got stiff, when I was leaving, that's how much I was into the concert? I stood in front of guitarist, Billy Sullivan, plus Jennifer. What pros they both are. You should see Billy play the overdubs. A few shoulder-shrugs, a warm cup of coffee later, and memories galore.

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What great "reflections" on the concert, Mike! It sounds like everyone had the same barrel of fun we all did at the first reunion concert in Cleveland. That wasn't very long ago, and <LOOK> at what's happened since then!!!

With as many big name musicians as have come to hear Raspberries in just the last couple of concerts, they surely are making for a big buzz among the most successful musicians. Their talent was never in doubt, but for the big names to come in and see them give the shows they have after laying off for over 30 years and to be performing so perfectly like they're still 24 at such super-high energy levels, the rest of the music community must be amazed! That is what to me is most exciting of all. I wouldn't be surprised if some things start happening with all of that going on! As it definitely should!

Raspberries are musicians' musicians, and you know the Overdubs are as well, because the Berries never worked with anyone who wasn't. Musicians of the calibre of Eric, Wally, Dave, Jim, Jennifer, Billy and Paul are way above and beyond even the most successful pros out there.

Congratulations, guys! Here's looking ahead to wonderful things!

smile --Darlene

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Yes, Darlene, they absolutely deserve it. I'll be getting the word out. And, I do have musician friends who are in the music industry, who, I hope will see or hear them, too. One good thing is that I'll be buying music gifts for people. Of course, The Raspberries are at the front of the line. They inspire me, because of their approach to songs. I wasn't 'into' Rock, until now. Folk guitarist/writer Bob Dylan is my inspiration, too, because he wanted good songs, even though he's not a great singer. There was quite a special on T.V. about his career with his own commentary through an interviewer. It was funny to watch, because some in the press would wonder how or why he wrote. He has such a sense of humour about it all. But, he said he wanted to be different with his songs. And, I just bought a DVD of how The Beatles got started(Best Of The Beatles-Pete Best:mean, moody and magnificent), with footage from Liverpool and Hamburg of yesteryear. I've been so busy, and I hope to watch it soon.

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I'm still bummed that I couldn't meet Kirk and Cartmill, not to mention seeing the rest of the gang once again. Hopefully at the next West Coast show(wherever that will be)we'll finally get Seattle Steve there, too.....the Pacific Northwest was under-represented. [Maybe Courtney will show up at the next show once she gets out of jail smile ]

Still, after hearing all the comments from people who WEREN'T at the show, I don't feel so bad....

a lot of people STILL would have traded places with me in an instant!!(I know for sure Darlene would have....)

The guys never cease to amaze me, at what they're doing.....

They were running the video as they were taping it. With the bulk of the fan contingent at the front, you couldn't see it. But I did on the video monitors.

By the way, anyone have the whole order to the set? Got in at the middle of "Play On", and know the rest from there...

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I won't actually give a review of the show...enough have done that..I WILL give an account of MY exeperience. My girlfriend and I went to the "meet and greet" affair beforehand. It was a nice upstairs loft area. There were about 30 of us...seems like most were people who were very devoted and had followed them all over the country. I felt a little left out...but being a California native..was THRILLED that they had finally come to L.A. to grace us with their greatness! We all got autographed photos and guitar picks before they arrived. They finally came into the room to thundering (well...thundering for 30 people, anyway.) There wasn't much time since the doors were to open at 8pm...and it was already 7:40. We all got our pictures with the band...and getting to meet each member individually was a real thrill. I couldn't believe the Raspberries had finally gotten together again to play!!! I never saw them originally in the 70's.....I was in junior high when their albums were released...anyway...I got to meet them all...SUPER nice guys!! Eric was especially cordial and friendly....when my girlfriend's turn came to meet them (she's 26), Eric burst out. "Whoa! You've GOT to be someone's daughter....because you are too young to have ANY idea who in the world we are!!" Everyone laughed! and then I joined them again for a picture. I told Eric that she was my girlfriend, and he said, "Oh....okay..now I get it." It was so funny and so cool!!! I'll never forget it!! Then we went downstairs for the show. Such a great group of fans! I met a nice young lady named...Nellie or Natalie ?.....I had two or three Raspberry martinis....so I couldn't remember her name.....but we had a nice conversation about the different websites. Very cool. when the band came on....magic happened!! they sounded BETTER than on the records...I SWEAR!!! Eric's voice was AMAZING!!!! And guys totally kicked ass!!!!! I could NOT believe I was finally seeing these guys....LIVE!!!!! I loved hearing so many of Dave's songs!! He really sounded great!!! I won't go through all the songs...but just the whole experience is something I will remember for the rest of my life!! My girlfriend was totally enthralled by them!!! It rocked....and at times very romantic and moving!! I've seem almost everyone in my 30 plus concert going experience...but the RASPBERRIES rank right up at the top with the best shows I've ever..EVER SEEN!!!! I can't thank you guys enough (Eric, Wally, Dave, Jim) for being so wonderful....and for giving it your all for us!! I hope you will consider playing again soon....PLEASE!!! Us Raspberries fans who have waited so long to see you.....were MORE than satisfied....and just want more! It was literally a dream come true seeing them live..and they really seemed to enjoy themselves up there. Wally is one of the truly great leads around...still!! Dave and Jim's playing were EXCELLENT!! And Eric....was just out of this world great!!! I am so fortunate to be among the lucky ones to see this great band...back in action!! I will NEVER EVER forget this magical, wonderful night!! Thank you for ALL who made it possible!! The Raspberries....will forever rule in the history of Rock 'n' Roll!!! THank you for "going all the way."

Rick Farmiloe

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By the way, anyone have the whole order to the set? Got in at the middle of "Play On", and know the rest from there...

Billy, on the genetaylorphotography.com website there are photographs of the Raspberries' Los Angeles concert. In the second photo, there is a picture of a set list on a wall. The set list in this photograph reads as follows:

I Wanna Be With You

I Can't Explain

Play On


Should I Wait

Nobody Knows

Making It Easy

Come Around And See Me

If You Change Your Mind

It Seemed So Easy

Let's Pretend

Last Dance

Needles & Pins

I Can Remember

Party's Over

Don't Want To Say Goodbye

Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)

Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak

I Don't Know What I Want



I Saw The Light

Starting Over

Second Encore:

I'm A Rocker

Go All The Way

I was not in attendance at the concert, and can't vouch for its' accuracy. However, would anyone else like to verify or correct the set list to answer Billy's question? Thanks in advance! smile


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You're welcome Billy K! If the set list is accurate, it sounds like it was a great night of music that you experienced. I'm sorry that you had to miss hearing two of their songs, but at least you weren't absent during some of the less frequent played material, such as "I Saw The Light", "Starting Over" and "Don't Want To Say Goodbye". I hope the band decides to keep that song trio permanently in their set list...or at least until I can finally hear "ISTL" & "SO" live in a NY/NJ concert. smile

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My only bad experience was with the HOB staff who kept sending my neighbor and I to several different places before we finally located the Meet & Greet (on our own I might add), causing us to come in practically at the end. We were told that they were out of photos, but would have some available at the after show Meet & Greet(we still never got one) and that the show had to start so we couldn't get a picture taken with the band. These were big disappointments after trying for over 30 years to see them in person. We by no means blame the band, but the HOB staff needs to take a walk around their own establishment to see where things are. In spite of this snafu, we had a great time and the band was unbelievable. I was speechless. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is practically an impossiblity.

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Compared to the NYC shows, which were superlative, there was a much more raw and electric vibe at this gig. People have noted elsewhere that a few persons were loaded and "out of control" but you know what?, it's rock n' roll.

Its nice to see a band thats so well rehearsed and skilled, as entertainers, also mix in that kind of raw energy. Personally, I liked seeing the tremendous emotion coming out of the crowd, even if some of it was on the edge. More power to the Raspberries for eliciting this kind of response. The same can be said for the sound mix. Sure there were a few microphone squeels, but sometimes that's the price to be paid for a sound that was more gutsy and edgy than in NYC. This gig reminded me of a band that wasnt looking back nostalgically, at all this fine material of theirs, but was completely in the NOW as seasoned veterans bringing new life and energy to their beautiful songs. I would have liked to have seen just a little more bantering or talk with the crowd. The little history Eric gave at the NYC gigs, about the Raspberries past and their evolution, he never got around to doing here. But I think that's a nice little segment for those who are walking in and experiencing the band for the first time. The pacing of the show was superb. Dave's country rockers mixed in at all the perfect moments. All the singing totally mind blowing. Ive never seen three singers in the same band who are able to sound so like they did all that time ago. Even chain-smoking Wally sounds exactly the same on "Come Around and See Me and "Last Dance." These guys must have titanium vocal chords. A great concert, by any standards of measurement. As for the opening video, I think Eric should have said when the curtains opened," F--- the video, lets rock!"

Because thats exacactly what they proceeded to do.

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SugarBabi, it was even a snafu when I showed up.

I was told to go around the corner to another entrance....which I did......after going all the way up on that walkway, I was told to go back down, where there was another entrance.

The sineage was really poor there, and it was really a convoluted way of getting into the club, despite the absence of people in line.

The security guard suspected that I was not happy with the situation, and asked "are you OK?". I said, "I'm fine"......which I wasn't..but by far the better alternative, as opposed to cussing the guy out and not being admitted into the club.

No qualms against the club, once you got in---great acoustics and not a bad spot to be had, as far as view.

But you would think that they would have a better way to organize the lines....even when there was NO line.

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