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well, it was a great show. A great reminder of why everyone here, and elsewhere, is so fond of this band's abilities and their fine collection of songs. The show had tremendous energy. This is not a huge House of Blues venue, but you could not have got more people in this place. Id say 500-600 people. And it was nice to see many people in their 20s and 30s also. There was one glitch, the opening video siezed and they had to launch into I Wanna Be With You without the video finishing. Wally made a joke about technology and it was clear for all that, f--- the video, they were there to rock. They opened at a pace and followed with Cant Explain and Tonight. The place was shaking. Eric sounded like he was 24. The meet and greet was super and the boys were all in good spirits and very cordial to everyone. Nice autographed photos distributed. Wally walked into the room and delivered one of the funniest things ive heard in a long time; "Heh, is this the meet and greet, or is this the greet my meat?!" WAlly should be doing stand up. Two encores were performed: (1st): I saw the light, Starting Over

(2nd) Im a rocker, Go all the Way. I saw the Light was magical. I thought that the execution of Dont Want to Say Goodbye, Come Around and See Me, and I Can Remember were superlative. Couple stumbles in Overnight Sensation but nothing could detract from the overall effect of this gig: The Raspberries gave L.A. a very large dose of great material played with alot of feeling,drive, and spark. The mix was heavier than NYC and that favored the sound. Dave and Jim were accented more and it gave the overall sound a deeper "thud." It was a helluva night, they did themselves proud. I hope they continue with these gigs because anyone who witnesses one of these concerts is in for a memorable night. Not the least of which was some couple trying to have sex next to us on the dance floor during "Ecstasy" .

No, by the time "go all the way" was played I think they'd already been there.

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Thanks for the early review, Wine! And they did 2 encores?!!! And they did Starting Over.... I have seen 4 of the concerts and they did not do that one. I would have loved to hear it. More evidence of what a class act these 4 gentlemen are....the other show was cancelled so they didn't just give it 110%... gave it 150%!!!! Well Susana.....I cheered them a shot at Romine's; you know what I'm talkin' bout.....

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I heard that there is no news on the next show, yet. Right now, it looks like The Raspberries are waiting to see what happens after this show, because it was an important one. Being that there were alot of music people there, last night, including musicians and band members. I saw Bernie, but he went downstairs for something, before I could introduce myself. I was standing, literally, next to John Crash, who used to open for Motley Crue. He said there was an album called Neighborhood Thread. I told him that I would check for it on the web. He said his band hasn't played for years, because everyone is running around with egos, and can't come back down to just playing again.He said his band was in many magazines one year. He said he had some drinks, years ago with Eric, at a place called The Rainbow. Now, the concert. I'll tell you what, it blew me away!! I have never seen anything, nor heard anything, like it before. With all those guitars playing, it was unbelieveable. And talk about Rocking out. Eric wasted no time to hit the songs hard, right from the start. It was like, 'We're here, full blast'. I heard his talking voice on the radio, and I thought, "There's no way he can hit those high notes". I was so happy to be reminded of that incredibly passionate, strong, and on the mark voice. Man, I can't tell you what a job Eric and the rest of the band did!!! Some people near the front were cussing and saying, "Play some F-ing Rock songs" The same person said, "Let your balls hang out and sing some Rock". Obviously, this person must have had quite a few drinks, because this was all yelled out at the band. Eric smiled and laughed, then said,"I appreciate your passion for this music".More later. I'm a bit tired, now.

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Really a great show, though in different ways than the NYC shows. Heard all about the "slow" version of "Come Around and See Me"....expected it to be done as a ballad or something like that, judging by the way everyone was talking about it. Not THAT much slower, but still comes off well.

Had missed the first two songs, due to flight cancellations.....the day started off with Alaska cancelling it's first LAX trip from Seattle,..of course, when one or two cancels, and it's Friday(busiest day of the week)

there is just no room to move. Plus San Francisco had fog problems, and was closed, for a while, too.......so everything dominoes and people all lingering around...not a pretty sight.

Got there about in the middle of "Play On". Enjoyed what I saw, though being late and tired.

Wally nailed it on "If You Should Change Your Mind" this time. Plus the best version of "Nobody Knows" of any of the sets. The segue between "I Saw the Light" and "Starting Over" was excellent!

The video cameras were running through most of the set, then for some unexplained reason, the cameras came down. And Wally played his acoustic a bit more than on previous gigs.

HOB has great sound and great views. You really can't go wrong, regardless of where you were.

As great as the show was, everything else on this weekend really sucked. I had expected to be in L.A. for a few hours earlier, to relax a bit.

Missed all my friends.

The least I wanted to do today is get some time in at the beach or lounge around the pool, but guess what?....fog and mist.....I left Seattle for this??? Weather is probably better in London.

Time has come to "lick your wounds and move on".

So, instead of going back Monday morning, I'm leaving in a few hours(right now it's about 8:30).

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I was upstairs, for the meet and greet. I didn't mention that all of us, well over 30 people, got an autographed color photo of The Rasperries, plus Al Merston?(He said he posts under Mrch, or something close to that)gave us an extra surprise. We all got four separate computer autographed picks from each of the four band members. Reduced down, because of the size of the picks. Even Jim, the drummer, had his autograph on a pick. Some were joking, "What happened to a drum stick with his autograph?". It was an absolute thrill to meet them. Wally was joking the whole time I was with them, as I stood next to the witty(Especially onstage) Eric. Al told stories from the early days in Cleveland, about how the band played high school gigs for Josephs High School. He's the one that said there are no immediate concerts yet planned. Oh, I sang loud and strong on 'OHH~H, Pleeease, Just Don't Go Aw~ay!!' I think Eric heard me. He reacted like it was his monitor. I was at the front, about eight feet to his left. More stories, again, later. There's so much to say. spin

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I had high hopes for Friday, and to say it exceeded all my expectations would be an understatement! The concert, the people, the band- oh, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I got there around 2 p.m., not wanting to miss out on anything. The first person I met was Ken Sharp. Super cool guy! The roadies (what a fun bunch they are) were busy setting up for the sound check. Met Julia and Steve, Jennifer, Marlene, John (popdude), Baby sister, waiting outside for the band to show up. A little after 3 p.m. the band arrived for the sound check. Probably went 'til around 5 p.m., which is when our dinner reservation was for (party of 22). Met Bernie, June and her sister, Kazumi, Gina and Anthony, Mellie, Beatle Jay and Lisa, Al and Marla, Tony and Ellen- my head is spinning, hope I didn't leave out anyone. Gina gave everyone goodies; I was instructed on the proper use of the flashing braclet for the swaying motion on "Let's Pretend". I wondered if any other band has a great group of people like the ones I met last night that not only follow them around the country for their music, but genuinely enjoy each other's company. Meet and greet was next. Got a beautiful, autograped Gene Taylor original of the band, as well as guitar picks from each of the Raspberries. It was a little hurried, as we had to make an 8 p.m. deadline in order to get our pass-the-line privilege. I was impressed with how warm the band received everyone. I wondered how many people have a band that is so approachable- just really nice guys. Tony was next in line behind me, and when the band realized he was THAT Tony, they mockingly strangled him. Kodak moment!

O.k., so the video montage bit the dust about half way through, but the band played "I Wanna Be With You" with power and precision. I want to emphasize 'POWER'. Dave's bass sounded like thunder. This definitely wasn't 1972. Thanks to the overdubs (nice to meet you), there was more than enough to cover all the parts and lift the roof off the house. I was in front of Wally's amp, and my ears are still ringing this morning. When "Starting Over" was played, Kazumi looked back at me and smiled. If it wasn't just for me, don't tell me, because it felt like it was smile Without having a set list in front of me I would have say that they played more original songs than at recent gigs. I thought Dave's tunes sounded better in concert than on the records. They were that good. I don't play guitar, but I marveled at Wally's fret work. Jim's drumming is like the glue that holds it all together. And Eric was working his butt off and sounded great. I don't think I was in the best place in the house for the mix, but I wanted to be close enough see the expressions on their faces. Even Ken and Barbie looked like they were having a good time. The concert was over around 11:30.

I was going to say my good-byes and hit the road, but there were at least a hundred people waiting for the valets, so I went back to HoB just in time to see John boarding the elevator to go up and hang with Raspberries. I didn't have a pass to go up there, but then again, I didn't have a pass when I first met Eric at the Roxy almost 30 years ago, either. I was feeling really blessed at this point, and it would have been a fantastic night even if it had ended right there, but I was fortunate enough to get the chance to talk to the band members and thank them for the show and meet some of their families. Talk about a night to remember! happy Kirk.

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Sounds like you were having the absolute time of your lives while I was playing the violin for Jack Jones!!!!! eek Jack was a real trouper, doing his Man of LaMancha thing, but....

I'M SO JEALOUS !!!!!! frown

I'm THRILLED that all went well. As for the video, I'm sorry it went down, but if you order RASPBERRIES TONITE, you'll get one to download!


I'm just so sorry I couldn't be there to watch Raspberries rock Hollywood off the Richter scale!

And to meet Cartmill and Kirk. (Aunt Antonietta was VERY VERY disappointed!) But...there'll be other shows.

I told you it would be the experience of your lives, Kirk and Cartmill! I'm so glad it was a night to remember...forever.

And there'll be more!

smile --Darlene

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Kirk is so right about so much. The mock Cartmill strangulation by Eric was a Kodak moment. Pretty sure Gene missed it, though. I watched it all unfold, and Cartmill actually looked momentarily humble and subdued istead of his usual board-persona cocky.

Saw Paul Stanley (KISS fan Kazumi was in heaven), and heard of Rick Springfield sightings. The place was PACKED, and yes, I was surprised at how many really young people were there!

The opening video breakdown was disappointing (caught a glimpse of Bernie's face as it was happening, and that alone was heartrending), but the band overcame it immediately. They just overwhelmed the crowd with powerful song after powerful song. Non-stop adrenaline from the moment the curtains parted! So intense it blew me away.

So many Raspberries songs, instead of covers -- they played EVERYTHING everyone's been asking to hear, as if they were hell-bent on making our wishes come true!

Cartmill was actually swaying during "If You Change Your Mind," a song he had previously put on the "clunker" list! Kirk sways quite well, too - must have gotten a quick lesson from Gina! As usual, Gina was decorating everyone to the hilt with flashing bracelets and trinkets that were put to full use during "Let's Pretend."

Kirk makes a great point about Dave's songs sounding fabulous in concert. These shows have given me a new appreciation for his songs (thus I bought his solo CD last night, too).

Eric's voice is just beyond belief. I had a sore throat just from chatting with Marlene during the afternoon before the show, and can't understand how his voice holds up so well. He just nails all those songs!

More later...weary from a very late, very long, very dark drive back to San Diego with Marlene after last night's show.

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I came so close to getting the Cartmill strangulation shot... but I did get an informal shot or two as the discussion unfolded about which two Raspberries weren't all that vital... or something like that. I think the crowd figured, "They really do read what we say!"

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Another thought about last night's show -- how the heck do they remember the lyrics for all those songs so well? The show seemed longer to me than the previous shows or maybe I'm imagining that, but nonetheless, they played so many songs that it was almost scrambling my brain to sing all the right words. Impressive doesn't even cover it...

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Jen, I think they remember the lyrics because the songs are so much a part of them that forgetting any of the lyrics would be like forgetting the alphabet!

No doubt, there were many more Raspberries songs rather than covers because they really are listening to their fans and they WANT to give the fans what they want. They always *have*.

And, oh yeah, don't think they don't read what we say...

smile --Darlene

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