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Sonny Geraci's Raspberries/EC connection


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I did a quick search to see if anyone had ever posted regarding Sonny's eratic recording career and how the Raspberries & Eric Carmen are "involved" and did not find anything.

The quick story is: Sonny was the lead singer for the Cleveland pop band The Outsiders who had a top 5 hit in 1966 with "Time Won't Let Me" and much like the 'Berries only dented the charts slightly with 3 other entries & were "history." The Raspberries connection here was that Jim Bonfanti played on some recordings, although I'm not totally sure of the facts & if the song(s) appear on any Outsiders album.

Geraci charted again in 1972 with the one-hit wonder outfit, Climax, with the mega-smash "Precious & Few."

More than 10 years later, in 1983, an obscure MOR-ish pop/rock album by a guy called Peter Emmett featured two Eric Carmen-penned tracks (both "Sleep With Me" & "The Inside Story" from "Tonight You're Mine") & went nowhere fast. Peter Emmett wasthe psuedonym for Sonny Geraci.

The album was called "The Peter Emmett Story" & was released on a small subsidiary of MCA (Sweet City Records).

For Eric Carmen complete-ists it's an intersting find. Sonny also covers another Cleveland artist's tune; Kevin Raleigh's "Don't Say You're Sorry." Kevin was the other vocal half of The Michael Stanley Band...

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The Bonfanti/Outsiders mis-information (thanks for clearing that up Marvin!) was printed on the front cover of "Raspberries' Best" LP in the "How It Began" section:

"Jim played drums on 'Girls In Love' and 'Respectable,' two flops by the Outsiders when that group tried to follow their only hit, 'Time Won't Let Me.'"

The piece was written by Randall S. Davis....

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