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Another GREAT review!!!

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You forgot to send me the all important message "Mrs. Peel we're needed" lol. And what's really funny is I finally bought the Bonus dvd from the Mrs. Peel series - I was watching it last night with The New Avengers episode where she made a cameo.

You know I can knock Lew out with one of my judo moves lol - he'd better behave!

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The episode is entitled "K for Kill Part 1" smile Oh and just so you know I did not randomly come upon this avitar - I actually own one of the A&E Emma Peel full length t-shirts where she is in her Emma=Peelers, which I wear to the gym all the time lol.

And Lou - I cannot attend this year; however, I will make a note to be sure to go next year!

Sigh I wish this special edition would get here already - I may have to go out and purchase the commercial one next week just to tie me over shocked


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Well Mr. Lou - I was married in NEW JERSEY not Florida lol. I didn't move to Florida until I was 21, so the marriage and divorce ARE legal. Let's see I can't do math - and yet I work in a bank - balancing general ledger accounts lmao - I was 8 and I graduated 9 years later. Needless to say I stand my ground on not going through yet another ordeal!

Another coincidence perhaps but look who lives in New Jersey.
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