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"Eric's Girls" did Par-tay with the Boys last night!


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Well, the big question seems to be:

Was NYE show better/different/worse than the FIRST show?

NYE show was so much better in a lot of ways - however, you couldn't match the excitement and anticipation of the first show.

I loved last night. I LOVED hanging from start to finish with "Eric's Girls" - Marlene, June, Kazumi, Trindy, Julia - the only girls in the country that talked ad nauseum about Eric and his music (and his a** - June, you are laughing your HEAD off right now!!!! You too marlene!!) and never get tired of the subject. (or the view!!!!!)Yes, I do confess, Eric - I'm the one who suggested you take your jacket off because you were too hot. Your girls were hot too!!!!!

(forgive us, Susan...we are just 45 year olds with 13 year old mentalities!)

I loved the major difference that Kazumi talked about on the way to the airport (we coincidentally flew in and out the same time - she's a great travel companion!) - last night was a PARTY - we laughed all night, we sang our hearts out, we filled our eyes and ears and hearts with the sounds and sights of Dave, Eric, Wally and Jim being RELAXED and loving every minute. Jennifer, Billy, Paul, and Derek were just as spectacular and special as last time!!!!

The major difference for me was Eric - he was visibly relaxed, he laughed and smiled and told great stories and the boys teased each other. Technical glitches were purely of the "you had to be in the know" element - it was great to us. Mixed well, but way louder than last time.Even the opening act was quieter. They were great - I really enjoyed them too!

I was in hysterics when Wally told the story about his favorite Eric Carmen song and how it would sound great if he hit every chord he was supposed to - then proceeded to hit the first harmonic, missed the second which produced great laughter from us because Wally was so funny about it.

The harmonies - oh my gosh, the harmonies...vocally even better than last month. Musically, awesome - I loved the jams too. I could listen to Dave Smalley sing "Should I Wait" forever....just wonderful. (as is Dave's CD "Internal Monologue!!) We liked the sound of Eric's piano this time much better and wondered if it was the same model as the last show - i vote "no" - Roadie #3, please fill in the blank.

Guilty pleasure? Wally talking about the cautionary warning about trees - then playing "Needles and Pins" and pointing out that Sonny Bono was one of the writers of the song. (Is that take right Wally?)

SO - what did I miss??? We girls felt a sense of entitlement - we needed to have access to the boys to say "great show - happy new year" we are SPOILED from the first show! as Kazumi says - we feel like a part of a family and we missed seeing Marvin, larry, Bernie and kathy, Kim, Barb, Susan, Kay and THE boys after the show.

Dave, you are incredibly fortunate that we DIDN'T take you up on yor invite to come up on stage to kiss you all at the stroke of midnight - we talked about it!

After the show, we went back to Holiday Inn Express and hung out until 3 a.m. unwinding, dissecting every move - june, care to demonstrate that "one" particular special move again for the masses????? - every song...why is it, that 32 years later, we were grabbing each other's arms in ecstasy at this music, this band???!!!!!

Because they connect with all of us - we love this music and the time it evokes.

They love us, too - that is for sure.

Happy New Year everyone!

lots of love,


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Annie, Eric used the same keyboard for NYE that we used at the 1st show. Only difference is that his riser was higher and even with Jim's. This was done to provide better sight lines for the fans and the band members. However, Dave is using a new amphead which I think made a big difference in the overall sound.

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Very well said, Annie ! I have never experienced a night like NYE...and I, too, so enjoyed my time with the "EC.com" women !! I can't think of another thing I could have wished for ! It was an amazing time. REMEMBER....(What happens in Cleveland..stays in Cleveland) ?? wink


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yes, ladies....the EC.COM women made a pact "whatever happens in Cleveland, stays in Cleveland"

I was good...I didn't say ONE word about the orgy with the raspberry love lotion....oooops. laughlaughspin

Gord...I agree with Marlene..Canada will not be left out of the fun!!

June, you're KILLIN'me!!!! I am on the floor laughing here!!!


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Once I got back to my room I still was flying high and couldn't sleep! Jimmy asked me what time our flight out was? (Remember we were all talking about what time we had to get up to be at the airport?) I said I don't know, don't you know? and he said no. Did you bring the itinerary? I said no, because quite frankly all I was interested in was getting on the plane in time to see the show, what else mattered, really. So at 3:30 in the morning I am laughing my head off ( you had to have seen me earlier to picture this )and Jimmy is trying to find the number to the air line to know what time to get up for our flight. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night, but I didn't really need it, I had a shot of the Raspberries the night before to last me till next time. Thanks Guys!

June hahahaha

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Roadie #3....what's this new amp head Dave is using?(SWR? Aguilar? B-52? or is it a more traditional thing such as Fender, Ampeg, etc.)

The other co-writer of "Needles and Pins" with Sonny Bono was Jack Nietzsche, who was the piano player on most of Phil Spector's hits. Jack also wrote "Up Where We Belong"(from "An Officer and a Gentleman")as well as a minor 60s hit "The Lonely Surfer".

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Right now I don't have enough time to say everything I want to say about that evening (maybe this Thursday...more on that later) but I do want to say I had a great time with "the girls" and thank Annie for rescuing me when I desperately needed it, with a wish that she feels better soon!

You ladies are all gems!

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