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"Go All The Way" remake BY THE RASPBERRIES!

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Historically, re-makes of the same song by the same artists are not a good idea. Here are a few examples......

When you have the same arrangements, there is nothing to prove. One case that comes to mind is Perry Como's "Temptation"....not much difference between the 1940s recording and his 1970s remake, save for the technology.

In the case of a different arrangement, the new version often has nothing to prove, either. Neil Sedaka's "Breaking up is Hard to Do".......the second version sounds great, too, but that is one of the few exceptions to the rule. But the case of Chicago's remake of "25 or 6 to 4" is more typical of what happens.

Although I am totally against a new studio version of the song, I will welcome a remastered one, using the original tapes. Really did wonders when the Stones decided to issue "Exile on Main St." on CD......phenominal sound! The Berries deserve a similar type of treatment---especially on the first album.

Yes, a live album would be nice, with GATW

as the "lead-off" single. Can't argue with that!

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Billy said it all....

although Pilot's 2000 recreation of their 1977 (4th) LP "Two's A Crowd" is staggering...

although there was nothing to improve on... they just cut it almost note for note....

"go all the way" will always sound like a product of its time... and thank god for that, it's a major part of its allure...

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