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A/C Show Different from NYC


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OK, I'll try to remember the complate Set List from AC- help if you can see any ommissions- exact order will most likely be posted later in the tour section of ericcarmen.com

I Wanna Be With You

I Can't Explain

Play On

Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak

Baby's in Black

Nobody Knows

Should I Wait


Making It Easy

If You Change Your Mind

Let's Pretend

Party's Over

Overnight Sensation

Don't Want To Say Goodbye

It's Cold Outside

Come Around and See Me

Mr. Tamborine Man

Needles and Pins

Last Dance

It Seemed so Easy


I Don't Know What I Want


I'm A Rocker

Go All The Way

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What a day, "hangin with" the Raspberries! A.C. was everything Tom and I hoped for and more...

The M&G and soundcheck were beyond fun, the guys so friendly, affable, and loose. The autographed photo we received at the M&G is absolutely gorgeous, a beautiful 8x10 print of the guys performing!

There were several times during the soundcheck that our jaws were on the ground... watching the whole process evolve before us, each one of them checking their stuff individually and then coming together later. Incredible experience.

All the joking around and cameraderie was a joy to behold. I have a feeling that this tour is going to extend and extend and extend even more!

And the show itself! Outrageous. The sound was great on the floor! We were right in front of Eric and the adrenalin rush from being so up close to the action is impossible to express! Getting to see them do "Baby's In Black" was a special treat for us. Thought we had missed out on that one!

Also finally getting to meet Bernie and Kathy and chat a little, chatting with the other fans, how great that was. Annie thank you for the pretty ribbons, Julia the cake was gorgeous and thank you for the beautiful memento! Your generosity of your personally crafted items add so much to the special experience!

We also got to meet Billy after the show and chat with him, he was so nice and gracious. We told him how good he was on the Jerry Lewis telethon playing drums with Gary Lewis and the Playboys.

We were at the 2 BB King's NYC shows and for me, like many others, yes, Sunday nite is my fave of the 3 we've seen. But A.C. was incredible for other reasons, especially because of the privilege of being allowed at the soundcheck!

Ken and Barbie were at both soundcheck and the show, of course! Different poses for each! hee hee... What really cracked us up is that we were among the last to leave the soundcheck and saw that the entire gang posed for a group photo for Gene. I took a double take at Eric because he looked at first like he was clutching his shoulder, but on second glance I saw that he was holding Ken and Barbie on his shoulder! LOL!!

At the risk of sounding greedy, there's a part of me that hopes that they'll return to NYC again somewhere down the road... thanks guys... *sigh*

All The Best,



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What can I possibly add to this. The show was great. So grateful that songlist was different enough than show I saw in NYC 8/23. Still think they should have done On the Beach/Drivin Around/Cruisin Music Medley since we were on the beach but I was told they performed it during their rehearsal (Note to self- next time go to meet and greet)Biggest disappointment- dropping I Can Remember from playlist ( that was the highlight of NYC show )My personal highlights of AC show 10)Finally met Darlene 9)Watching Ken Sharp jumping up and down in front of me during "I Don't Know What I Want" 8) Finding Anniekny who was kind enough to bring me a Raspberry colored ribbon pin (to be continued later). 7) Our boys performance of "If You Change Your Mind" 6) seeing the band having fun and actually liking each other. ( Eric's adjusting the microphone for Dave was priceless) 5) My friends (who were just barely aware of Raspberries prior to the show)telling me how great they were and thanking me for telling them about the show. 4)Findin Atlantic City to be a much nicer town than the last time I was there. 3) Learning that night that there could be some kind of new cd in the future.2)Having Jesse Bryson's drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend Laura put Anniekny's ribbon on me. 1) Meeting,chatting with ,getting autographs and photographs with each member in the Foundation room of the hotel after the concert.It was also in the foundation room that I spoke at length with Jesse and Kaye Bryson who were delightful. I wish Jesse the very best with his career.After this post I buy his CD.

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What an awesome show. I really feel that AC blew the Sunday NYC show away. The sound was better, the guys were looser, Eric, Wally, and Dave sounded fantastic, and Wally was just smokin'. I saw a comment about BB Kings crowd being more into it. From my observation, the hardcore people at HOB-AC were split between the balcony, and us hyper-kinetics down on the floor. In NYC, we were all bunched together, giving the perception of more enthusiasm. Either way, it is like picking a favorite super-model, your second or third favorites are still pretty awesome.

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I just happen to have the set list sitting in front of me ...in order

1. I Wanna Be With You

2. Can't Explain

3. Play On

4. Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak

5. Tonight

6. Nobody Knows

7. Should I wait

8. If You Change Your Mind

9. Makin It Easy

10. Baby's In Black

11. Party's Over

12. Overnight Sensation

13. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

14. Come Around and See Me

15. It Seemed So Easy

16.Let's Pretend

17. Last Dance

18. It's Cold Outside

19. Mr. Tambourine Man

20. Needles and Pins

21. Ecstacy

22. I Don't Know What I Want


23. I'm A Rocker

24. Go All The Way

And just out of curiosity...did anyone notice the "special effect" during overnight sensation?

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I have to say, it was a pleasure meeting some of the board members, especially hanging with 'Lew' and his crew.

Great evening of musical magic from the Cleveland boys!

and not to forget the overdubs!

Hope they swing around the country on more time after CA. and maybe head southeast for our FL. members & future FL. residents.

once again, great meeting everyone & hope to get together again.

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We were way up in the balcony and enjoyed the entire show. My 2 sisters and I used our cell phones to "record" part of "GATW" to our answering machines back home. It was fun playing back the call..and listening to the scratchy recording of a portion of the concert..and remembering the awesome experience. I may not erase it for at least a month.


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What can I say that hasn’t already been said !! It was AMAZING! I LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!! I thought Dave’s dedication to his Uncle Bill, was so sweet. ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ was fab (and Needles & Pins). I’m horrified at the suggestion to drop ‘I’m A Rocker’ ~ that’s one of my top faves ! eek I would love to hear them do ‘I Can Hardly Believe You’re Mine’. I think I would completely melt into a puddle with that song.

It was also great meeting friendly familiar faces again, too, EVERYONE is so nice. Does anyone know what I mean if I said it is too much to take in? Well that’s how the Berries experience makes me feel, but it’s a good, good feeling.


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