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A/C Show Different from NYC


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I think everyone's pretty much said it all. The sound was PERFECT! I couldn't pick a "highlight" of the night if my life depended on it. The entire performance was incredible.

I LOVED "Mr. Tambourine Man"...and am pretty sure I didn't breathe at all during DWSG...it was so beautiful.

Thanks Eric, Dave, Jim, Wally, and the Overdubs for another wonderful memory. (and for letting us watch the sound check. What a fun experience THAT was !)

Darlene...thanks for teaching me the "rain dance". It was so much fun sitting next to you.

Annie, girlfriend ! I LOVE my shirt.. eek and I'm STILL laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes !

It was GREAT to see everyone again ! Marlene

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What a show last night! We were standing right in front of the stage and the sound was great! I was completely blown away by the power of Eric's voice on "I Don't Know What I Want" and "I'm a Rocker". "If You Change Your Mind" sounded incredible - crystal clear vocals! I agree Darlene, Eric was so relaxed and happy! It was really a joy to watch the camaraderie between EVERYBODY on the stage! I think THAT was the highlight of the night for me - I loved every minute of it! Wish I could make California, but I can't wait for whatever's next!

Margaret happy

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NYC was my favorite performance of "If You Change Your Mind" - Eric sounded so comforting on the bridge, and then the emotion at the end - whew!

Eric and Wally were just besides themselves on "Baby's in Black" --it was such a pleasure to see into their world and for them to feel so comfortable and have so much fun in front of all of us.


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Hey...it was a blast meeting many of you in person for the first time. The show was great..of course. I found myself reflecting back to 1972 and remembering the guys coming out in their white suits with such zest and enthusiasm. Though a bit older, the fun was on stage was still evident and the music still had the thrust and power. Though the voices last night reflected a bit of aging, it still remain powerful. The M&G was a blast and chatting with the guys even for a brief minute was a thrill. Though I won't be able to do LA or SD, I'm certain that a grand time will be had by all. Thanks for great night everyone, it was special meeting and connecting faces with screen names...see ya at the next EAST Coast Berries concert...

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I was so touched to spend a few minutes last night with Dave's amazing wife and with Billy Sullivan. What LOVELY people! Mrs. Smalley cracked me up. When I gushed that I have never seen a band 3 times in one year-she responded"Neither have I".You know what? I dare say-we both have good taste.

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Regarding the crowd, I don't know how many seats there are in the balcony but the floor maximum is 1600. I'd say the floor was a little less than half full.

As for the changing of the sets, as someone who has seen them in NYC and A/C, I can't think of any possible criticism. I went to A/C expecting to hear the same set and was thrilled with that prospect. When they did Don't Want To Say Goodbye and the others, it just made me appreciate them more even more for actually LISTENING to their fans.

We can rave or moan about the covers (I have never been a Byrds fan) but when you see how much they enjoy playing all of them, you can't help but feel the great vibe regardless of the song choice.

Over the last 40 years, I have seen just about every rock and roll artist you can think of and the Raspberries fall into a very select group of performers who have not only given me my money's worth, but far exceeded it and left me completely satisfied.

(for reference, the other performers are McCartney and the Stones).

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As I watch and read these wonderful posts about last nights AC show, I'd like to add my reflections. As many of you knew, last night was the first time for me to see the band. I had seen Eric solo, but never had the chance to see the band that had left a mark on my "wonder years".

I felt like a kid on his first date as I stood there with my girlfriend waiting for the show to begin. I had read many previous comments about the opening video (I'm trusting that it's the same one they've used at each show), As I watched it, all I could think about was how it must have felt that night in Cleveland at their first reunion show. Not only for the audience, but can you imagine how it felt for the band behind the curtain. Needless to say, the video still works for first-timers. My chin was actually quivering as I watched it (my girlfriend was laughing with me by now)

I have no adjectives to descibe the show. To me, it was almost like an out-of -body experience. I never, I mean never....thought I'd see the berries. Here, nearly 24 hours later, and I'm speechless still.

The 2-hour show was nothing but highlights for me, but if I had to pick a top ten list (OK, you twisted my arm), here it is.

10. It's Cold Outside (not from Cleveland, so I never heard the song...what a hook)

9. If you change your mind

8. Making it Easy (loved the intro and Dave and Eric together)

7. Ecstacy/ I don't know what I want (Eric only has to belt out two rock warriors back to back, and comes on on top)

6. Party's Over ( I swear Wally has some Joe Walsh blood in him)

5. Mr. Tamborine Man (great story. they absolutely nailed it!)

4. The pure enjoyment the band seemed to be having. I have not seen that in a concert by anyone in awhile. The fun they were having seemed unbridles and unrehersed.

3. The opening video (my girlfriend is still laughing at my quivering chin)

2. Overnight Sensation . (awesome)

1. Don't wanna say goodbye (#90 with an anchor my foot!!!)

can't wait till them come back east!!!!

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And I met Jimmy the Nick! Jimmy, it was SOOO great to meet you and your girlfriend. Remember my last words to you before the show? "From the first chord, you're gonna LOVE it!" Your reflections on the evening are very touching. That was how I felt in Cleveland at the reunion concert. I'm SO happy for you! And it only gets better!

smile --Darlene

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Bernie it surprises me that Eric puts "Tambourine Man" on such hallowed ground. Didn't know that it was such an important song to him, as I always believed that it was more the British invasion music that played the biggest role in his musical formation. Regardless, it's a fabulous song and I think a perfect fit for the L.A. show. Did Eric sing the lead in the verses?


I'm surprised you didn't know about this, marvin. I can't remember exactly where I'd read about it (Ken Sharp's book maybe?), but after the soundcheck Lenny and I went for something to eat, and I told him the story of Eric being so very moved by that song that it more or less made him stop in his tracks and change direction, musically... and a few hours later at the show, Eric repeated almost word for word what I'd told Lenny, and you could just hear the emotion in his voice and tell this song meant a lot to him.

When I heard them play it at the soundcheck, I got goosebumps, sitting there *knowing* this song was so special to him, and hearing them perform it so beautifully... and at the actual show, they were even better. I hope they play this song a lot, they do it justice and then some, I'm just in awe of them doing *someone else's* music with the perfection and heart they put into their own. What a night! spin

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Greetings from VA...I just got home and couldn't wait to read all the AWESOME comments about AC. WOW...I was at the top of the balcony with my 2 sisters and our wonderful husbands...who put up with our PASSION for the guys. It was absolutely a fantastic concert. I LOVED seeing the guys so relaxed and conversing with the audience. Eric seemed so relaxed and happy...moving all over the stage..I LOVED seeing him facing Jim so we could get a nice long view of his adorable butt...........and then he and Wally playing back to back--wow, that was cool. I loved hearing "Needles and Pins" (one of my favorite songs from my youth)

and...then....when "the bell" didn't come on cue...and Eric laughed about it....that was cool.

That's what makes the experience so enjoyable....the unpredictable, and the feeling that it's our own private party...the guys and all of us.

It was great talking to Kathy and Darlene..about our jackets. Wish we could go to California, but I love my students too, and I'm hopelessly devoted to my job. BUT...will be ready for the next East Coast show guys.


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Marv, Eric did a fabulous McGuinn. As Darlene said the inflections were dead on. I was amazed to hear Eric's reflection upon hearing the song for the first time. Amazed because I had the same musical epiphany, if you will, when I first heard the song in '65. To me it was the Holy Grail of RnR.

Wally was so good, his guitar work was imperceptible from McGuinn's - it was identical and 100% accurate.

However, (I'm putting on my helmet now) I felt the Berries rendition was a tad slower than I remembered the original and I don't think they *nailed* it. It didn't have 'fire', nonetheless it was very, very well done, albeit a tad 'soft.' IMHO.

It is interesting to read everyone's 'take' on the show. The guys were very relaxed. Seemed to be having a great time on stage. As usual they played their hearts out for the fans. The set list was a bit softer than in the past. I was disappointed they did not play I Can Rememeber.

I will add my 2 cents here and say I think the LA crowd will want to hear more Raspberies tunes and less covers.

Personally, I still rate Chicago as #1, NYC (Sunday) #2 and AC a very strong #3. The HOB was sooooo huge the sound mix was different depending where you stood (I was all over the place). To this old man's ears the sound in the balcony was very clear but also 'thin' (favored the high end). The floor (I was three back, in front of Eric) was rather bass heavy. Dave's bass really kickin' to the point it almost hurt my chest (I think I need to work out). Best balance was about 20 feet from the stage in front of the sound board, which should come as no surprise.

All in all, this was a great show. The crowd was small but vocal. I met some fans who had never seen them play before and were amazed how fabulous the guys sounded.

For those able to attend the Meet and Greet we were treated to the sound check ( a marvelous plus). Having the M&G before the show was a stroke of genius. It was best for all concerned but a perfect time for the guys. They were fresh, alert and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Thanks guys, another great show.


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Great review, Ted! Whenever one walks on hallowed ground, one walks a bit slower. I think the slower tempo was a "loving" tribute to McGuinn and The Byrds, much the way the slower version of IWBWY is performed lovingly.

The sound in any venue is going to vary with the location of the listener. That first floor was CAVERNOUS! I wasn't down there, but I'd be amazed if there weren't "echo" issues with the sound down there. That's just the nature of the venue, and there's no way to negate problems intrinic in the architecture. Pete and Dennis did a REMARKABLE job with the sound in my opinion.

smile --Darlene

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Just got in from AC. Wanted to say that this was my 4th show and I was amazed by Eric's incredible voice. To me, this was Eric's finest vocal performance with the band so far. He was also displaying a lot of smooth moves and appeared to be very relaxed and comfortable with the crowd. One of his finest hours. I wasn't in NYC for the Sunday night show in July (which seems to be the holy grail), but during Saturday's show I couldn't stop thinking how amazing his voice and presence was on stage. I know many others were in agreement on this aspect of the show.

I brought 2 friends who only knew the band from borrowing my cds. They came away from Saturday's show very impressed and told me they really enjoyed the show. I was so proud of the band's performance. It was great seeing so many familiar faces again. Sorry I didn't get to meet everyone from the board, especially some of the newer members. I just didn't know who everyone was! We need those ribbons again, it really would have helped!

Robin, I ate at Jo Jo's on the way home. The food was delicious. Thanks for the recommendation and directions. I didn't know that was you and your sister in those cool Raspberries jackets! I was admiring them from afar, and thought you must have been close friends of the band! Very stylish!

JuliaD, thanks so much for your custom made Raspberries note pads. Loved the cover! You were one busy lady making both the gorgeous cake and note pads for everyone. Someday I hope I am able to actually taste a bite of one of your creative creations! The pictures always make my mouth water.

Darlene and Marlene, My friends and I really enjoyed your audience participation moves. Especially during "It's Cold Outside" You really should be on stage next time during that number demonstrating for the crowd so we can all participate in unison. What fun!! You are now the official Raspberries cheerleaders! smilie

Thanks to all for their friendliness, smiles, hugs and kindness. It really does seem like a family reunion at the shows. So great seeing you all again.

The only low point of the evening was my disappointment in seeing the view from my left side balcony seats upon arrival. Couldn't see half the stage from where we sat. Luckily there were a few empty balcony seats and guess where we went when the lights went down and the opening montage started? Right to the center section and a much better seat. Thankfully, we were able to stay there for the whole show, and my view was fantastic! Just love a happy ending!


Almost forgot to say that I loved the slower version of "Come Around and See Me". A fresh take on a 'Berries classic. Hope to hear more of this at future shows.

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Steve, I'm a little bummed out, here in Seattle, as well.....was not able to get Sunday off work, but have every day around it. A bit frustrating.

However, the days for the SoCal shows happen to be my days off, by ironic coincidence.

Still it would be better if they played Seattle. We really need to get a local EC/Razz fan club meeting here soon.

Worked this early this morning, and enjoyed the sunshine when I got off.(And in fact, talked to J.Y. from Styx who happened to be heading back to Chicago). Also packed a bunch of boxes of spare clothes, housewares, etc. and shipping them to New Orleans for the victims.

Went to EMP yesterday and saw the Dylan exhibit. So not a total loss of a weekend.....but still...

AnneG, speaking of "If You Should Change Your Mind".....how did Wally do? On both NYC sets he flubbed up in that song....but managed to come back with a vengeance after the mistake.

Was he letter-perfect at AC?

Did anyone the notice lack of in-ear monitors? Didn't see any at NYC, and I presume the same at AC......call me "old school" but I like the idea of having monitor speakers, rather than the headsets or the things that look like hearing aids.

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As far as I can tell:

Added Don't Want To Say Goodbye, Come Around And See Me, I Can't Explain, Mr. Tambourine Man, Baby's In Black, Needles And Pins.

Cut: I Can Remember, Please Mr. Postman, You're Gonna Lose That Girl, Twist And Shout.

Dont Want To Say Goodbye was chilling. Eric said they put it back in because of the people on the Board!

The band keeps getting tighter and tighter although I thought the NYC crowd was much more vocal. Then again, I was on the floor and couldn't tell how the balconies were reacting.

What a great band. Hope they continue for a long, long time.

Anyone with the complete AC set list???
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