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6 Degrees of Eric Carmen


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Perhaps everything IS related to Eric Carmen.I was perusing Billboard online when it said that the soundtrack for- "Elizabethtown"-Cameron Crowe's new movie was complete. Now the soundtrack features a Hollies song- "Jesus Was A Crossmaker"which was from "Romany"-the only album to that point - where Allan Clarke did not sing lead. Of course Crowe's "Almost Famous" featured "Go All the Way".Crowe also wrote the foreword to Bernie's book-AND- on page 106 of "Marathon Man", Eric talks about THESE Hollies with the Swedish lead singer doing a ridiculous Bus Stop-(and I saw this group-Eric's right )- syllable by syllable.This is the same lead singer on the Elizabethtown soundtrack (and an odd choice this song is ). Add to this that of course Crowe is married to Nancy Wilson,sister of Ann Wilson, who sang Almost Paradise with Mike Reno of Loverboy ( and he, by the way, looked and sounded awful on NBC's summer oldies series,"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (was that the name? ) and it proves,like with Kevin Bacon;Everything IS related to Eric Carmen.

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The late great Warren Zevon covered 'Jesus Was a Cross Maker' on his 'Mutineer' CD. Zevon co-wrote 'Jeannie Needs a Shooter' and shared a best rock duo vocal Grammy for 'Disorder In the House' (from Zevon's final album 'The Wind') with Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen has reportedly said some nice things about Raspberries - a band Eric Carmen was in.

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Bravo Cozmik.Bob Allen is right about who sang lead (Terry by the way did a lovely acoustic set a week after B.B. King's at Ocean Grove N.J. in a show headlined by Peter Noone with a band I like to call Sherman's Hermits (no original members ) However the group singing on this cut and this album is the Swedish Hollies and this qualifies ( I think? )for the loose rules of this fun game.Great stuff Bob Allen and Cozmik!

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And for the record from the Oracle of Bacon at the University of Virginua:

The Oracle says: Eric Carmen has a Bacon number of 3.

Eric Carmen was in Dirty Dancing Concert Tour (1988) with Bill Medley

Bill Medley was in Last Boy Scout, The (1991) with Chelcie Ross

Chelcie Ross was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon

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I believe it was Terry Sylvester who sang lead on the classic Hollies chestnut 'Jesus Was a Crossmaker' not Mikel Rikfers.


Tell Eric Carmen the News.... or tell Cameron Crowe the news...

"Jesus Was A Crossmaker" has few more degrees of seperation....

It was written & originally done by the obscure, yet obviously gifted, female singer-songwriter Judee Sill...

Sill had a publishing deal w/ Blimp Music which I think was associated w/ The Turtles who covered her song "Lady-O" in 1969..

The Catch?... "Lady-O" sounds like a huge influence on Eric Carmen's song "Waiting"... they are truly kindred spirits...

Also... (and u can't make this stuff up)... Graham Nash (who Terry Sylvester replaced in The Hollies) ACTUALLY produced Sill's version of "Jesus Was A Crossmaker"...

Henry Diltz took the cover shot of the debut LP....

XTC's Andy Partridge recently sighted her as an enormous influence on his work...

The end quote on the inner sleeve of her LP states: "May You Savor Each Word Like A Raspberry"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

other co-conspiritors:

producers: jim pons (Turtles), Henry Lewy, John Beck

David Geffen A&R

backing vox: Rita Coolidge

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