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You Better Watch Out...


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Bernie, What a FANTSTIC change, I like the first page on the announce ment of the Ultimate Dirty Dancing soundtrack coming out Next week.

good pic of Eric, and the Bryson Group Cd

They will be a great christmas present to give.

And to buy after Christmas or really and finally anytime to buy.

I listened to the mp3, Nobody Knows". I found listening to them live recording was great, I like the song very much, it is one of my favorites to listen to.


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The dirty Dancing DVD, Is going to be so great to listen and watch through my stereo system.

I hope this DVD will be on sale in Canada at all

Zellers dept stores and record stores.

All this info is so SURPRISING & it's so great to see and read a change, I'm so happy.

I'm that the fact I can at least watch those videos of Eric, what a Christmas present to enjoy.

All right Bernie and Eric thank you so much.

I will keep my eye out for the DVD,OK

I will buy it with my GST.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all I will enjoy".

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Bernie-Is there a time that we should watch for

the xmas present? I am working on Christmas Day for 12 long hours, and I have to check either before I go to work at 6:30 am, or when I get home at 7:30 pm. This is the time when it stinks to be a nurse-someone has to work on the holidays!

frowngrumpy :rolleyes:

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I'm sure any one of the women on this board (and a few guys) would be happy to be the woman in that photo. I think the answer is a resounding, "YES!" Tony, to you being a very good boy if you are as "good" as Eric was on that album cover....


Didn't he say in an "Ask Eric" that he posed alone for that photo, and they added the woman in later? Betcha she was sure disappointed to later find out what could have been. laugh


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Not to be a doubting Thomas, and with all respect to Eric's statement that he posed alone and so did she, (I believe him, I THINK...), just imagine her in this pose all alone! It just doesn't make sense!!!!! Eric, if you really did pose with her and this was your idea, you can tell us. It's pretty cool....

smile --Darlene haha

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Just a candid shot of Eric flushing the urinal in the studio men's restroom, while at the same time zipping up. Poor guy has no privacy from the paparazzi. The rest is "cut and paste" with the poor girl looking for her contact lens...

But it does prove EC has more talent. Have you tried zipping up your fly with one hand lately? eek

I saw "There's Something About Mary". I'm more careful than Eric was back then.

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