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Loved your comments. Had to laugh. If I saw the Raspberries on the cover of Scene magazine today (unlike, say, '73 or '74), my first thought would be "OH MY GOD! SOMEONE IN CLEVELAND ACTUALLY DECIDED IT'S TIME TO ADMIT THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER???"

OK, I have to give credit to the Free Times. They did run a little squib about the "Hangin' With" show last week.

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I'm new here, but someone was nice enough to mention this thread to me and I'm compelled to chime in. I'm a big fan of 70's & 80's rock/power pop, especially Ohio bands and "adopted" groups such as Artful Dodger. Back in 1991, WNCX promoted Artful Dodger's reunion show. Unfortunately, things have changed in 2005. Recently, the members of the group have stopped out at the Artful Dodger forum and thoughts of another reunion surfaced. Several emails were sent to WNCX and nothing was heard - not even a reply. After reading the above posts from Bernie/Eric, this is all very disappointing - Cleveland Classic Rock stations that don't have time to promote Cleveland Rockers such as the Raspberries!

I can still remember listening to the Raspberries/Eric Carmen on M105 as a kid (before they became Magic 105). I remember WMMS picking on Eric's risque album cover for "Tonight You're Mine" as they played side one of the album on air. Unfortunately, today's kids will never have the opportunity to hear radio as we did growing up in the 70's.

I thought there would be a shimmer of hope when WNCX offered the "Cleveland Connection" during Michael Stanley's show. But playing a song or two doesn't quite cut it! (I'm not picking on MS here, I'm sure the time devoted to this is a programming decision ) Local Cleveland bands and non-local smaller acts deserve airplay! When's the last time you heard Dwight Twilley, Gary Myrick & The Figures, or The Iron City Houserockers (to name a few) on WNCX (and not during lunchtime requests!). Since then, I dropped WNCX from the presets and have replaced it with 102.9 out of Youngstown - at least they take the time to reply to emails and manage to play a more diverse variety of "Classic Rock". Maybe when WNCX loses enough listeners to other stations and satellite radio, they'll try to correct this issue! But by that time, will anybody be listening?

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!!! Eric's got a great web site here.

Raspberries' Greatest Hits was one of the first albums I ever bought! I remember going into a record store near Parmatown Mall (might have been called Ear Wax??) with the words from "I Wanna Be With You" written out (not knowing who did the song). The clerk (a real wise guy) pretended not to know the song from the written lyrics and made me sing it out loud........Ughh, the embarrassment!!!! He owned up later that he knew song and gave me a discount for my trouble! It was definitely worth it - and led me to eventually get most of the Raspberries catalog and all of Eric Carmen's as well.


It's amazing that Classic Rock can be so tightly defined by the radio stations now. One station can play Survivor but not the Ides Of March. Alex Chilton is okay, but not the Box Tops. Rod Argent but not the Zombies. Goodness, what about the Kinks??? The Who???? (just to name a few) They managed to have success over several decades. It's just not right that you'd have to turn to WMJI as the only alternative to hear any of this stuff because it's considered (by some) to be pop more than rock.

On a different note, has anyone ever caught a special that runs on PBS - American Masters "Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records". If not, it's a great show that describes some of the Nashville roots of rock. I highly recommend it!

Great site...looking forward to checking the rest of it out!

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