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Week ending March 13, 1976

1. ALL BY MYSELF - Eric Carmen (Arista)

2. DECEMBER, 1963 (Oh, What A Night) - Four Seasons (Warner/Curb)

3. DREAM WEAVER - Gary Wright (Warner Bros.)

4. LONELY NIGHT (Angel Face) - Captain & Tennille (A&M)

5. LOVE MACHINE (pt. 1) - Miracles (Tamla)

6. THEME FROM S.W.A.T. - Rhythm Heritage (ABC)

7. SWEET THING - Rufus (ABC)

8. DREAM ON - Aerosmith (Columbia)

9. LOVE HURTS - Nazareth (A&M)

10. DISCO LADY - Johnnie Taylor (Columbia)

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"Oh What A Night"...I agree, real good pop song. And the song I think that followed it up as a 45 release...can't think of the name but I don't think Frankie sang lead...thought it was a real good song too.

"Love Machine"...I'm not a disco guy but certain disco songs put a BIG smile on my face.... and this tune probably tops the list....IT'S FRIGGIN BEAUTIFUL!! :-)

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Ah--Cashbox.... I always liked reading it to see how its hit-charting differed from Billboards.... I didn't realize that ABM hit the top at Cashbox until now....

Bernie, not to send you off to do any more research than you have, but... did "She Did It" or the "Boats" single do any better on Cashbox than on Billboard? Not that it matters at this point; I'm just curious.

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James--"December 1963" WAS the only hit ever for the group where Frankie did not sing lead.He did the chorus.I'm not sure but "Jerry Corbetta" of Sugarloaf" ("Green Eyed Lady") was with the "Seasons for a while-and he might be the lead on that song. I'm gonna try to find out.Tony- I think "Who loves You?" was the "comeback" hit that actually preceded "Oh What..." and on THAt song Frankie DID sing lead on every verse-he was just not lead on the "Who loves You" refrain that dominates the song.-Ira.

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Actually "Who Loves You" debuted before "December 1963 (Oh What a Night)." "Who Loves You" debuted in August of '75, "December 1963" fittingly debuted in late December 1975. Frankie does indeed sing lead on "Who Loves You." Drummer Gerri Polci sang lead on "December 1963," and on the follow-up "Silver Star."

Source: Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles 1955-2002

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Here's how Eric's "All By Myself" did in Canada --- the CHUM 1050 chart shows it peaking at #2 on March 10, 1976, in Canada (kept out of the Canadian #1 spot by another Arista Records act, The Bay City Rollers "Money Honey"). The song was Top 30 in Canada for 12 weeks, with 5 weeks in the Top 10. (For our Australian fans, it peaked at #7 there.)

What is the CHUM 1050 Top 30 Radio Chart? They describe it as follows:


Neil Young told Rolling Stone that going to bed with his radio tuned to 1050 CHUM was "when he really became aware of what was going on in music". Mike Myers remembers collecting CHUM Charts and listening to Jay Nelson. When the Barenaked Ladies hear the name CHUM, their first thought is the historic red neon sign.

On May 27th, 1957, the late Allan Waters backed by a bunch of crazy deejays and the rest of the CHUM radio family turned 1050 CHUM into Canada's first 24-hour Top Forty radio station. Music, radio and Toronto have never been the same again. CHUM was the first radio station in Canada to play Elvis and the Beatles. And 1050 CHUM is honoured at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

The CHUM Chart, the CHUM music and the CHUM deejays continue to influence generations. While the world famous CHUM neon sign remains a beacon that shines brightly at 1331 Yonge Street.


There's an actual scan of the chart (as distributed to record stores in Canada) at: http://www.1050chum.com/charts/chartview.aspx?img=19760310

A more readable version of the chart info is at: http://www.1050chum.com/index_chumcharts.aspx?chart=999#

One final note: in that chart scan, the Top Canadian albums section has Eric's first album at #12 (interesting since the USA Billboard magazine peak was #21; and for you folks "down under," the chart peak in Australia was #15).

Don smile

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i believe the singer on that 4 Seasons hit (Oh What a Night) was the drummer (whoever he was).

And the fact that a group called the '4 Seasons' played a show or two in the last year doesn't count as still working '30 years after the fact' as referenced in my post above. I'm sure the current incarnation of that group bears little or no resemblance to the original line-up, which of course is not the case with Aerosmith and Eric Carmen/Raspberries. Have a most delicious day, y'all.

PS - what's the deal with Franki Valli's, ah, taut look these days?

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