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Theme for Eric's new Album


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Since Tony has decided we are putting Eric on tour, we really need to come up with a theme for his new album. I know this sounds very 70ish, but hey -- its Eric, Id's like to start by saying he could go back and collaberate with each of the Raspberries in some form or another, Kind of like Ringo did with the Beatles. Maybe he and Wally could actually have an adult beverage or two and rock out, The Album title??? What else:


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I think Marvin might be right.

The only Raspberrie might be the one where you stick your tongue thru your lips and blow. <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />

But, JCraft's "Berrie the hatchet" was BERRIE GOOD!!

Just a note, If the Raspberries came out with a LIVE CD, would it be called "BERRIED ALIVE"!!

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