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ABM in TV spot


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Was that 'All By Myself' I heard in a Lancone (sp?) perfume ad I just saw on TV? It features some sickly looking woman staring off into the sunset all...by...herself (not a ringing endorsement for an item designed to lure the opposite sex, but what do I know, I write ads with leprechauns, silly rabbits and cuckoo birds in 'em!). So who gets residules for this ad, Bernie? Mr. Rachmaninoff, Mr. Carmen, or both?


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Well...if it includes the chorus, then it would be both Eric and Sergei's estate. Eric only borrowed a bit of the melody for the song's verse. Without hearing it I can only surmise that the creative team licensensed "All By Myself" rather than "Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2 in C minor" :-)


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On the final of "Pop Idol' tonight, here in the UK, one contestant, Michelle, sang "All By Myself' on a previous round, and her rival, Mark, had previously sung "She's Like the Wind' (from Dirty Dancing), so they both had good taste. However, Michelle must have given voters a lasting impression of singing such a great song, as she is this year's winner!

Changing the subject, Bernie ~ I love Eric's santa hat on the home page!


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Julia, your from the U.K. Right?

Check out the Christmas single from The www.thedarknessrocks.com plus the other videos,

click on videos in the list of boxes.

These guys are a hard rock band, but, they are a spin off like Spinal Tap.

When you go to their web site, your viewing page will shrink a little, that's ok, I went the site

a lot of times.

Enjoy Julia, check this site too guys, you might like them.

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We have a mega popular programme here at the moment called "Big Brother' (I don't usually watch it, but a friend told me to watch the repeat of one, on Sunday) ~ There was one guy, Ahmed, who was evicted last Friday and while he was in "the house' he was very quiet and a bit of a loner for the first few weeks. During his interview after the eviction, they showed the main clips of him wandering and sitting around aimlessly, accompanied by All By Myself! It wasn't Eric's version, but it was still great to hear it!


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