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Wally's Vocals


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You know how I feel about Wally’s incredible vocals at these last two shows. In my mind there is no doubt that he’s retained the magic and his voice is as strong as ever. He’s hitting notes that are out of reach for the others, so the question that comes to mind is, (with all due respect to Paul, Jennifer and Billy), why is Wally not involved in the vocals/harmonies more than he is? On all those ‘berries records for the most part it was his voice that was doing the high harmonies. I see the need for the Overdubs to fill in the vocal gaps on the songs, but shouldn’t Wally’s voice be up front more than it is?


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I'm sure they're all reading. Things are still new, and I'm sure they're feeling their way back.

They know the strengths of the Eric/Wally vocal blend, believe me! That's why they always capitalized on it! You also don't know the group dynamics that are going on between the members of the group. They are doing everything they can to insure harmony (every pun intended) as far as personal relationships go. They sound ready to record to us, but I would bet that they are still deciding *together* who feels most comfortable doing what and how much. They most likely are learning how to interact with each other again so they avoid past mistakes in the way of conflict. They'll get there, they'll get there. All in good time, but on THEIR schedule, and in THEIR way. Remember, we're only fans. It's not about US, it's about *the band.* We got everything we've wanted so far--who can possibly complain????!!!! And you can't rush genius. It has to go at it's own speed. Right, Cartmill? wink

smile --Darlene

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The topic of the iPod brings a funny incident to mind: I gave an iPod to my husband for Christmas, but somehow managed to have him load a large collection of Bernie's mp3's on it for me. As a New Year's resolution, I recently started riding my bike again to get back into shape after a three-month hiatus. For my first ride the other day, I took the iPod, thinking how wonderful it would be to pass the time spent pedaling with some favorite music. I am so pathetically out of shape that the distances and speeds I used to ride with no trouble just a few months back now make me feel sick as a dog - muscles screaming, lungs aching, etc. Unfortunately, the music didn't help alleviate the pain, and in fact, I've decided that to keep myself from associating EC and Razz music with physical agony, I'm not taking it with me again until I build back some stamina!

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Jen, Jen, Take it easy! We want you to be around for all the other Razz shows! Don't do too much at one time--you can really injure yourself, or worse! You looked like you're in GREAT shape to me. A an old friend just e-sent me some pictures of me from around 1983, and I don't remember being that thin and sleek...Eek! frown I should be happy that I was, but that was 24 pounds ago. Looking at them was sort of depressing. I had brown hair and nobody on here would ever recognize me. (I went to the circus for a week back then and learned to do trapeze and web for fun, and someone took several pictures.) I'm terrified of heights, but I was more daring in those days. After looking at those pictures, I have a LOT of work to do! But not all at once.

Reminds me, I shouldn't have eaten those french fries at dinner...

frown --Darlene

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