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cameras at HOB


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In Cleveland, if you came in the back from the restaurant you were not wanded. However, I believe some came straight through the front and the wand did not pick up the camera. The only gamble in trying to sneak in a camera is you may lose your place in line if they make you check it. Although it's nice to have pics as a souvenir, I don't think it's worth the bother.

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I checked my camera with my coat in Cleveland, and then heard afterwards that they decided to let in cameras anyway. Wish I had known that before! I think they were "wanding" for weapons. I'm glad I did bring my camera even though I checked it because at the Meet and Greet we were also allowed to use it, so I have many nice pics of my own from there.

I think they relaxed the camera rule on the 26th because they realized there were so many family and friends there and that this was a special occasion, so they said, "What the f....".

I'm sure at other HOB venues from now on it will be strictly enforced.

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