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Cleveland song list and more thoughts...


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My life is now complete! If I die tomorrow, I'll be smiling while they set me 6 feet under. It all started with the "Ticket to Ride " @ 9:36 pm e.s.t. then...

(in this order)

I wanna be with you

It seemed so easy

Lets Ptetend

Last Dance


Should I wait

Nobody Knows

If you change your mind(the baby don't go line..Eric nailed it baby!)

Makin' it easy

Party's Over

Overnight Sensation

I can remember

It's cold outside

Play on

Hard to get over a heartbreak


I don't know what I want

Time was 11:00


Lose that girl

Twist and Shout

I'm a rocker and then Go all the way. It was 11:28 and that was it.

I'd estimate the crowd at 2,300 out of 5,000 or so. The floor was about 90% full.I ran into Ken Sharp and said hi to Amy Rocker. The plastic seats in the grandstand , with no back and hurt everyone's rear end.. Eric was wrong..the Indians lost 7-1. Maybe it was thunder! hahha

ERic introduced a fan from Japan and one from London (Julia) on stage after the first song or two.

Wally, Jim and Dave bring out the best in Eric. He was rocking . How the radio people never understood , back in the 70's is a ? mark.After the show, My wife and buddy asked me what I thought of the show. I said, "it was even better than I expected." It was really a dream come true. I've loved these guys for 33 years and flew from Houston to see them. Marvin you missed a good show. I wanted to meet Bernie, I found out from Ken he was in the crowd , but never got a chance to say hi. I sure hope the tour continues , at least another stop in Cleveland next summer, a dvd or new album. Just for the real fans like us. How about it guys?

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The Japanese fan was Tatsuya Ishii. He traveled 6,511 miles just to see Raspberries perform. A new world record…previously held by our own Juia Heard from Great Britain, who also stood on stage in the spotlight -- receiving a kiss from Eric as well! The other woman on stage was EC.com regular Kazumi, who helped translate for the Japanese fan who spoke just a little English!

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…although, if you added up ALL of Julia Heard's miles traveling back and forth to see the band on each leg of their tour (she'll also be in NYC this weekend), I think it would add up to just about the number of miles that would take you to the Moon and back!


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Bernie, Thank you very much for organizing the wonderful surprise for Tatsuya. He told me that he really wanted to see Raspberries in their hometown. That's why he chose Cleveland show.( it's much easier for foreigners like us to choose NY to see a concert though) Anyway, He was amazed by the show and he said the chorus was really great.

Also a roadie ( Raspberries roadies are the nicest in the world! happy ), Kay and Ken helped us to get autograph from Raspberries on Tatsuya's "Overnight Sensation" book. After the show, Ken brought it back to Tatsuya. Then he asked Ken's autograph,too. I saw Tatsuya's happy face when he received Ken's autograph with a nice little message.

I think he enjoyed not only attending his dream concert,but also meeting wonderful people .

As one of the Japanese Raspberries fans, Thank you Raspberries, Roadies, Bernie, Kay, Ken and all of you who treated Tatsuya as our berry best friend.

Kazumi happyhappyhappy

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You were instrumental in helping make Tatsuya feel welcome as well! I am glad you got to stand on stage with Eric and the boys :-) There will be another Raspberries fan making the trip from Tokyo to see Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim play together this coming weekend in New York City. Masaki Hata (who runs the Japanese Eric Carmen web site) will be flying from Japan to attend BOTH B.B. King's shows!


PS: After I told Eric about the long-distance admirers it was his idea to bring the fans on stage ('cause he's such a swell guy, that's why!)

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Randy, I know how you must feel, and I'm so happy for you! I used to wish that everyone who never heard the Berries before they split could experience them. And now they can! Congratulations to you for coming all the way from TEXAS! When one travels to attend, whether it's from Texas or Japan, he/she has made the supreme effort. A nine hour drive can seem like half the time if one listens to Raspberries on the way...that's *my* secret. Knowing we CAN travel and see Raspberries is like knowing you're going to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Don't worry, Randy, you'll find reasons to travel all the way from Houston for many many more years to come!

smile --Darlene

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