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New Re-releases?


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Tonight I came across two new CD releases of the first album and Fresh at Vinatge Vinyl in Fords, NJ. They weren't on Capitol but on some label I never heard of. On the backs it said they were made in England. Anyone have any idea what these are?

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Don't forget the Japanese issued discs from '91 as part of their PastMasters II series. I have all four original CD album releases and, to my ears, the sound is very crisp and bright.

If you come across them (now out of print, I believe), I might recommend picking them up as well.

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I just bought them. Whereas I can't hear any sonic difference to the double LPs previously issued, the digipacks are certainly very cool. And it's nice to preserve the LPs as they were originally issued. Although it would have been nice to see some bonus tracks, I do really appreciate small labels like RPM helping keep Raspberries alive!

I recommend picking them up. They're great additions to your collection!




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