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DVD Update?

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Keep checking raspberriesonline.com for updates, but we still hope to deliver in late spring.

Rykodisc has not given us a firm release date yet, and at this point we are at Rykodisc's mercy as to when the release will happen. I can tell you that the release date WON'T happen before June 26th. As soon as we have a firm release date, you all at ec.com and those at raspberriesonline.com will be the first to know.


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Al responded to your question in another post yesterday. He said there would probably NOT be any e-mail notifications. He advised checking here or the raspberries site for info as to when the product will be shipped. spin

UPDATE: just checked, your answer is in the "last chance to purchase cd/dvd" topic.

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I'm fine with patience. One has to acknowledge that over the years, as EC fans, like a glacier, we have slowly moved from main stream to almost cult, which creates something of a jam for the person that has to manage supply and demand.

There is no right or wrong. I don't know how many Eric Carmen albums I have with the corner cut off, because the music guys said this was hot, print a bunch, but the marketing guys didn't deliver.

Let's get the first pressing out, the boys will gauge the buzz, and determine if a supporting tour/second pressing is warranted.

I both hope and suspect, it will be.


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Cut outs are excess inventory; either albums that had too many pressings or has been deleted. It isn't done at the store level. The inventory is marked with a cut corner by the labels main distributors and sold off to rack jobbers who distribute it to the various outlets. The cut is to distinguish it from regular inventory. A similar cut is also used for promotional albums/cds/tapes. The sale of cut outs at the store level is not measured by Soundscan nor does it generate any royalties.

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