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Cleveland song list and more thoughts...


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My life is now complete! If I die tomorrow, I'll be smiling while they set me 6 feet under. It all started with the "Ticket to Ride " @ 9:36 pm e.s.t. then...

(in this order)

I wanna be with you

It seemed so easy

Lets Ptetend

Last Dance


Should I wait

Nobody Knows

If you change your mind(the baby don't go line..Eric nailed it baby!)

Makin' it easy

Party's Over

Overnight Sensation

I can remember

It's cold outside

Play on

Hard to get over a heartbreak


I don't know what I want

Time was 11:00


Lose that girl

Twist and Shout

I'm a rocker and then Go all the way. It was 11:28 and that was it.

I'd estimate the crowd at 2,300 out of 5,000 or so. The floor was about 90% full.I ran into Ken Sharp and said hi to Amy Rocker. The plastic seats in the grandstand , with no back and hurt everyone's rear end.. Eric was wrong..the Indians lost 7-1. Maybe it was thunder! hahha

ERic introduced a fan from Japan and one from London (Julia) on stage after the first song or two.

Wally, Jim and Dave bring out the best in Eric. He was rocking . How the radio people never understood , back in the 70's is a ? mark.After the show, My wife and buddy asked me what I thought of the show. I said, "it was even better than I expected." It was really a dream come true. I've loved these guys for 33 years and flew from Houston to see them. Marvin you missed a good show. I wanted to meet Bernie, I found out from Ken he was in the crowd , but never got a chance to say hi. I sure hope the tour continues , at least another stop in Cleveland next summer, a dvd or new album. Just for the real fans like us. How about it guys?

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Follow-up on the fireworks...yeah, the Indians lost so the fireworks must have been just something they had scheduled for that night anyway. Too bad...unless it really was thunder...but somehow the weather held out through the whole thing, which it did not today. I did not stay for the whole game today (which they also lost eventually).

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