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Set List???


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Hi Paul! It was so nice to see you again. What a

great performance. We hope Tequila Sunrise passes thru the windy city. Hope so. Hey, how about that picture I showed you??? hahahahahaha

Thanks for signing it. It really is funny,I caught you at the perfect angle eekeekeek

Ok, won't tease you about it. Thanks for a wonderful night.

Gina and Ant

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"Cruisin Music" is so great, it would be the flagship song in most artists´ song catalog. But it couldn´t make the cut for the Raspberries´ set list. That´s a testament to
how great are Eric Carmen´s penned tunes over his career. 

P.S. I´d for sure include Cruisin Music in the set list. It´s underrated as a song, even among Raspberry fans, imho.



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Lew, good spot on our friend McGear. This was his only post (at the start of this thread) but it touched off a great one. I never actually saw this thread, so it was very cool to discover, because of Paul Sidoti's bird's-eye view of that first show. So interesting about the late decision to cut "Cruisin' Music" — and "Honky Tonk Woman." I don't think they ever got around to doing the latter at a show, did they? Or any Rolling Stones song? Bernie would know for sure....


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Also, kudos to our great friend Harry (Tiggsherby) for noticing the on-stage set list on that first historic reunion show. Man, I wish I had been there! I had traveled from my New England home to my family in western NY that week. So I was  a mere four-hour drive from Cleveland. I tried to talk my sister into driving over, but it probably would have been to no avail, since tickets were gone, long gone. 


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