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Tell me if I'm wrong for feeling angry......

I have supported everything that that every member of the Raspberries has done since day one. I've purchased every single thing I could afford over the years and patiently waited for new music either as solo artists or as a group from any and all members. I was thrilled at the reunion talk a few years ago, but supported everyone's decision not to, even though it was a bit crushing.

I was priveledged to see the Raspberries as my first concert and have been lucky enough to see Eric live five other times (six, counting as an All-Starr member)and have the opportunity to witness Wally and Scott's duet in Chicago three years ago. I even got a chance to chat with them.

Like I said, I have gone to great lengths to be a fan of the band and all it's members.

Now, I see we as fans are expected to buy ANOTHER "Greatest Hits" CD. Why are the same songs (albeit great songs) just recycled and rehashed over and over again?

I mean, why can't the four songs that some of us loyal fans have never gotten even a single listen to not been included on this "new" compilation? I can't afford to pay $200 to get into a bidding war on ebay to hear these cuts, so as patiently as I have waited, basically to no avail for something new, why weren't these tracks added for the loyalists?

I am really feeling angry over this.....is this wrong to feel this way?

Shouldn't, at the very least, we have gotten those tunes added to this?

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Pat, I agree that previously unreleased cuts should be included. I'm sure we ALL feel that way and that just about everyone agrees. Unfortunately, the ^%&%$%$^% label is at fault, not the Raspberries or Eric Carmen. Can you imagine how the artists feel, if we are so angry?!

It's THEIR VOICES on the %&^&** cd, and they don't even have a say in what goes on it! Nor do any or most of them get any money at all!

You have a right to be angry. I don't think anyone EXPECTS you to buy the same cuts over again ad nauseum. The things may be "remastered" but they haven't been "rearranged," so it's the same stuff. I have every release I could find from England, here, etc... I don't feel moved to purchase this stuff again either. I'm sure it was just brought out as a news item by Bernie so we would be in the know. If it were released and he didn't put it up on the website, someone would say "A new 'best of' cd was released and YOU DIDN'T even TELL us??!!" So I'm sure it's just up there as news. Maybe one day soon we'll hear some new releases from EC.

smile --Darlene

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Well, the short story on why they have to keep repackaging the same "greatest hits" is the reason why the other CD (with the unreleased demos) was never issued. Wally, Jim, Dave, Scott and Michael still have their old deal in placeóyou know, the one which hasn't paid them a nickle over the years. Until that's resolved they'll keep blowing the dust off that old package to keep a curent release in the CD shelves. I'm afraid that unless the boys sue (like Eric did many years ago) we'll never see live cuts, demos, rare tracks, etc. I guess Capitol can release their four LPs in their entirety, but that market seems to require the extra bonus tracks these days. --Bernie

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