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Live 8 in Philly

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What an experience!!! I signed up as a volunteer and worked my way into the group which got to work closest to the stage. The mass of humanity was staggering. I was given an all access pass that entitled me to work behind the barracades and in the VIP area set up in front of the stage.

My job: Water Distribution (waterboy!)--I passed out cups of water to people pressed up against the front of the barracades.

As far as the music was concerned it was unbelieveable. The sound was great whether you were 20 feet from the stage or a full mile back and beleive me the crowd streched for at least a full mile or 2!!!

The crowd estimated at 1,000,000--but in reality probably about 500,000 to 700,000 was well behaved and "into it"!

To pull this off in about 30 days was a feat unto itself. Philadelphians should all feel proud today!

As far as the 'berries were concerned they would have been out of place with this young hip crowd (no offense, guys). Def Leopard seemed out of place and they and Stevie Wonder were about the only musicians from "our" era (Bon Jovi was pretty hip and popular with the crowd).

I'm not so sure if the Live 8 organizers acomplished their goal but hundreds of thousands on the "Parkway" in Philadelphia certainly heard the message loud and clear!

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Thanks for the update Harry. I envy you.

As someone who grew up in suburban Philly (Delaware County)I can understand the affinity of the crowd for Jerseyite Bon Jovi. Interesting to note, on Philly.com (I check it every day, one of the columnists said "...and what was Def Leppard doing here?" Which supports your statement, they were out of place.

Were there any acts that stood out in your mind, talent wise? See you in NYC, I hope.


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Yes, I will be in New York Ted!

The act that stood out the most was Linkin Park with Jay Z. Neither of who I could really say I was ever a fan of, but they had the crowd pumped and put on quite a show.

Wil Smith was also awesome, he had the entire crowd singing " The Fresh Prince of Bellair" theme song.

The Kaiser Chiefs, opened the show, and as the press has indicated these guys are going to be big, they did not disappoint.

I was glad I slipped out after Stevie Wonder's second song, there was no really big surprises at the end and I got on the highway and home without a delay.

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When Will Smith had everyone in the audience snap their fingers every three seconds (a child dies of hunger in Africa), it really made me stop and think about my priorities. We all complain, bitch and moan about the "little stuff" in America, many of us just don't realize how good we have it!

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