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Raspberries--a fantasy tour


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If you could pick a venue for a Raspberries show, what would it be? Include seating capacity if you have the info, and also "aura," if you know what I mean.

For me:

1. Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston. Has a 3,700-seat capacity and nice acoustics (comparable show I've seen there: Jackson Browne).

2. Kleinhan's Music Hall, Buffalo. Holds around 2,750.... My folks and sisters live about 40 minutes east, so I'd work in a family visit --- and drag my older sister along. She's a long-lost fan. :-)

3. House of Blues, Cleveland. Because I missed the first ones... I want another chance.

4. Carnegie Hall, New York. Poetic justice.

5. Bernie's and Kathy's living room (WAB)?

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1.Au-Rene Theater 2688-seat theater Ft Lauderdale

2.Carnival Center for the Performing Arts Miami.

New this year and is Beautiful with breathtaking views over Biscayne Bay-2400 seating

3.Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, FL

4.Chicago- I Love a 3 to 4 day visit, when it is not too cool

5.New York would be a nice trip too.

6.Anywhere... just give me enough time to arrange schedules. smile

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1. Naples Philharmonic, Naples, FL approx 2300 capacity (so I can stroll there)

2. BB King Theatre (NYC)..because the second show in '05 was friggin' perfect (Just ask Bon Jovi)

3. Carnegie Hall NYC..talk about deja vu.

4. Any London theatre... to showcase OUR heroes

5. Any Times Square NYC rooftop.a la the Beatles...let's shut midtown down!

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Our suggestion is ..... The Bowl of Brooklands.

It is a natural amphi-theatre in the city of New Plymouth in Taranaki about 3 hrs drive from our place. It has a large stage with a lake between the stage and the people. I saw The Sweet there, Roger Whitaker, The Seekers and the Ballet Swan Lake. They also have a festival each year called the Womad festival and that happened a couple of weeks ago. Its a great venue. I think it holds about 8,000. happy

However, we would run with Kathy's backyard during WAB... or you could all come have WAB - Down Under with The Raspberries. That would be cool. Kiwi and I could feed you all on Chocolate fish. I'd even arrange some lizard tails for Mr.Cartmill laugh

Muzza cool

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Any place where I can stand right in front of the stage with a steady supply of cold Yuengling Lagers. I'm sorry, but sitting and rock 'n' roll just don't together. That's why I loved the first House of Blues show so much...just me and a cold beer a mere 10 feet from the stage.

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