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A Place Of Honor

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After our marathon MARATHON MAN book signing, Eric posed for a bunch of pictures holding the book. Just as I was putting the camera away he said, "Wait. You have to take one more picture." He then led Ken and I through his house and into his study. Its walls were covered in gold records, awards and other mementos. He placed his copy of ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN atop a pile of his favorite books on his bookcase, right next to compilations of F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories and biographies of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney.


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Part Two. I'm back, I hate that when that happens,

I liked the pile of Beatle books that Eric has, the one with Paul McCartney.

I noticed the Eric Carmen-"Marathon Man Book", Alright Bernie.

Do we get to see the rest of the pictures taken, Or do we have to wait?

Thanks for sharing the photo bernie.

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You know Bernie,

I did a beautiful Pen & Ink of The Fab Four, I did it for a friend, so, I am going to request it

from him to send a pic to you.

I will give it back to him.

That would be great Bernie to see more pictures.

The first three is a surprise to me.

I like them.

I keep taking pictures of things with my digital camera, I cannot seem to get the clarity good enough.

I'm still learning how to use a digital camera.

Has Eric ever been to your residence, Or office?

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Great photo, but I have a question.....what is that book on the bottom called "Beatles Album"? I have never seen that before. Is it a photo book, or text, or what? (Ironic for me because it uses the same script I had for a band emblem about fifteen years ago.)

Hey, Eric, I can trade you some unreleased Eric Carmen MP3's for it in trade! Email me! LOL

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