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Bruce again mentions Raspberries (Pittsburgh tonight)


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And, Lew...it's hardly Bruce's fault that people constantly misunderstand the meaning of "Born in the USA." I'm sure it's quite frustrating to him. But he is not the first writer and he will not be the last to have his work entirely misunderstood or co-opted by the clueless...and this says absolutely nothing about his quality as a writer, other than that it's so good that other people sometimes pay no damn attention to what he's trying to say in their rush to attempt to co-opt what he's got going. Nothing new there. And it does nothing to denigrate the quality of what he originally wrote.

We will ALWAYS have the clueless and the exploitative with us.

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Well said Trindy.

As for Bruce being a lousy communicator because people misunderstood BITUSA, it was "the great communicator" Reagan that led the charge to co-opt that song as a campaign theme ironically enough.

But to get some actual Eric/Raspberries content in my post and back into the thread...

I wish I could remember exactly the wording of what Bruce said in Pittsburgh but until the envitable boot of the show surfaces I have to work from memory. One thing he said about the Raspberries was they didn't get the credit they were due and still don't. I don't think he was trying to be cool promoting 30 year old records. He's a fan and used a couple moments to clue people in on a great band. Its what I do when I get in one of those periods when the Raspberries get in heavy rotation in my CD player - spout off to anyone who'll listen how great they are! Sommething about those records makes yiou want to spread the word. On recent tours, Bruce would use the time instead ("PSA time" to the community of Bruce fans) to make a political statement much to the annoyance of the many conservative fans I know. That he uses that time to say "here's a band and some records I like and you should check them out" should be the least controversial thing in the world.

So if Bruce shows up to the A.C. show the guys would invite him up to jam on "Roll Over Beethoven" or something right? wink The remote possibilty is enough to seal the deal for me to go to A.C. smile

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Cozmik, what is not as well publicized is that Walter Mondale--Reagan's opponent----also wanted to use it as a campaign theme. Additionally Chrysler corporation wanted to use it for an ad to sell their cars. Springsteen of course refused but Chrysler's ad agency tried to emulate the feel with "the pride is back/born in America" jingle.

All political and commercial interests aside, this proves something, in the "Born in the USA" case.....most people either don't listen/know/remember the verse to the songs, just the chorus.

Please also note that we haven't yet heard any Sprinsteen songs on "American Idol"....this is because the rights/royalties for publicly perfoming the songs on national TV are difficult to get. And you can't blame Bruce for not wanting a hacked-up version of his songs televised nationally......

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