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Another Almost Soundalike

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whitney houstons bridge on the greatest love of all is so blantantly a rip off of the Croce or gordon lightfoot song that goes "I dont know where we went wrong but the feelings gone and I just can't get it back"

Can't think of the song but that line is whitneys bridge in greatest love of all

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It would be interesting, Marvin, to see which came first, the chicken or the egg. I bet on Lightfoot as being first, though, because his treatment of that motive is such an integral part of the whole line. Knowing how thorough people are on this board, SOMEONE will find out which was earlier...I still love IYCRMM.

smile --Darlene

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Thank you Michael! I *KNEW* it!!! That part of Lightfoot's IYCRMM flows so perfectly, and is so intrinsic to the whole, that I knew *his* had to be first. I love that song now as much as I did when I first heard it.

It's been a "Very Raspberries" Summer"(!) with even more shows coming up! I'll think of it with a big smile when I head back to school tomorrow. On my first day, I see the boss. frown

The second day is happy--I see my kids, whom I dearly love. smile

smile --Darlene

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Hey Matt,

Back to your question about "ROUND AND ROUND."

Sorry, I don't hear it. And I used to sing ROUND AND ROUND. The walking down chord structure and sort of country feel is nothing like NOBODY KNOWS. SHOCK TREATMENT was a GREAT album from EDGAR WINTER too.

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Lew Bundles: Could this be your long lost song???? It's from 1978 though.

So Hard Livin' Without You by: Airwaves

One o'clock in the

Morning, my time

Three o'clock in the

Morning, your time

Just had to call you

Hope you don't mind

You're sound sleepy

Sorry I woke you

It's been so long since I

Spoke to someone I love

You're the only one I love


And it's been so hard

Living without you

Being alone

Dreaming about your

Voice on the phone

I've never known this

Kind of loneliness before

Two o'clock in the

Morning, my time

Four o'clock in the

Morning, your time

Did you know we've been

Talking more than an hour

Guess we should

Say goodbye now

It's getting late, so late

But somehow I could go on

Talking to you all night long


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Here's what I could find on them compliments of the Music Guide. The song was originally written in 1972 but was not released until 1978. They put out two albums for A&M in '78 "New Day" and '79 "Next Stop". Unfortunately, I can't find any online sources for a sound clip. You can probably find it cheap in the used record stores. there is also a 45 of the single "So Hard Livin' Without You". If you speak Dutch, you may have some luck with this site:


Scroll down to #680. (Apologies if this is not Dutch - no foul intended!)

Also, HIPO-SELECT www.hiposelect.com had a thread about them and you may be able to get someone to email a sample of the song to you - the thread is from November 2004 so it might be too old.

Happy Hunting!!!!!!

Artist: Airwaves

Album: New Day

1 Love Stop

2 Let Me In

3 Cat

4 Keep Away the Blues

5 Hope You Wont

6 You Are the New Day

7 So Hard Living Without You

8 Nobody Is

9 Hideaway

10 Don't Let the Daylight In

11 Go Better

Album credits

Ray Martinez Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Pat Moran Producer, Engineer

John David Guitar, Vocals,Keyboards

Dave Charles Drums

Paul Cobbold Cello

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