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5 most underrated Eric Carmen songs


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Eric had 5 Top Twenty solo hits yet is unknown to many people who were listening to music in the 70's and 80's. I bet you would be hard pressed to find many other artists like that. You don't know how many times I heard "Eric Carmen?" from friends who grew up in the 70's. Yet these same people knew Firefall, Lobo, Harry Nilsson, and Crystal Gayle. None of these artists had 5 Top Twenty hits.

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Very good point Craig. Eric's relative anonymity is baffling given the songs he's written and recorded. I would attribute this to his long periods of inactivity (and by "inactivity" I mean the gaps between music releases).

The other acts you mention, save Lobo, were in the public eye for short stretches but with fewer gaps. So with my trusty "Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits", and the "RIAA Searchable Database" at hand, I give you:

1. Firefall: 3 pretty big Top 20 hits - "You Are the Woman", "Just Remember I Love You", and "Strange Way"; + 2 Platinum and 1 Gold album. They also toured extensively during the 1970's and 1980's, keeping their music in the public's ear.

2. Harry Nilsson: 1 HUGE #1 hit that still receives heavy rotation, "Without You", and two very big top 10 hits, "Everybody's Talkin'", and "Coconut", + 3 Gold albums. His connection to the Beatles is another reason why the public is aware of him.

3. Crystal Gale: 4 Top 20 Pop Hits, but a slew of Top 20 Country hits, and of course everyone knows her because of her sister.

In Lobo's case, he had some Top 20 hits, but why your friends were more familar with him than they were with Eric is rather odd.


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I always feel a little on the outside in these polls. I guess its my wierd music taste, anyway here's my two cents;

1-Someone That You Loved Before---I know its a little predictable, but aren't most Pop songs

2- Isn't It Romantic--I know I'm close to a Cartmill tongue lashing with all the WD stuff, but this is the song that stayed in my head the first time I played the CD.

3-Love is All That Matters---I definately agree

4-She Remembered--does anyone outside of this web site know that song??


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OK, here's mine off the top of my head...

1)No Hard Feelings

2)Take it or Leave it-(kinda had a "Rod Stewart" vibe to it. Should have been released as a single!

3)Heaven Can Wait- Could have been a smash if it had been included in the movie...

4)All for Love-Even though it WAS released as a single, it should have gotten promotion by Arista.

5)You took me all the way- Yeah, I know I'll get flack for this pick,since it's just a rewrite of "Go all the way", but if it had been released as a single, I think people might have tied the two together. Then brought attention to Raspberries and Eric's back catalog. Convoluted logic? yes, but it might have worked...

The thing with "Boats..." is, it should have been a massive hit. Even Olivia Newton-John covered it the following year on her LP "Totally Hot" and it still didn't get the recognition it deserved.


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