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5 most underrated Eric Carmen songs


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A case could be made that just about every song

Eric Carmen put out was underrated in that radio play and sales were never near commensurate with the quality of the music (excepting "All By Myself" and "Never Fall...").

But in regards to the general buzz among music people and more specifically Eric Carmen fans, my underrated list follows:

1. Sunrise - I think this song defines

Eric Carmen more than any other but it

didn't sell as a single and you never

heard much talk about it--although

he opened up with it in concert when he

toured promoting his first solo album.

2. No Hard Feelings - The auto-

biographical story and explosive

climax make this song one of his


3. Love Is All That Matters- Just

a beautiful song.

4. If You Change Your Mind-

Great simple little heartbreak


5. Cartoon World - Al-

though I'm struggling to fall

in love with the rest of the

album, I think lyrically and

musically this song rates

with his best.

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Very good topic. Eric has a bunch of underrated songs with the 'berries and solo and that doesn't even include the batch of unreleased stuff. Speaking of which, I'd put "Cindy In the Wind" and "Devil & the Deep Blue Sea" right near the top as being underrated...by Eric.


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I think Sunrise was the definitive Eric Carmen, not Raspberries, song. Ironically, he wrote it while the Raspberries were still together(somewhat). It could have been on Starting Over.

Cartoon World is great, but you have to listen to it about 10 times until you get it. At first it comes across as sophmoric. Forget the words or the message and just listento the melody. Awesome!

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I think She did it is an amazing song that should have done much better than it did.

Boats Is one of the best ballads aver written IMHO yet 99 out of 100 people have never heard of it.

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Underrated Eric? I’ll stick to just the official releases. Ok here goes, in no particular order…


Too happy for “Boats†this one wound up on Change of Heart. I heard it first as a single B-side. Catchy as anything. I love this one.


Pure vocal with simple lyrics and instrumentation. The classical influence he would cultivate years later in All By Myself. A very innocent and lovely song.


Stuck in the middle of Change of Heart which I consider a Clive Davis solo album. The melody stands up and so do the words. Nice orchestration. And Eric sings it beautifully.


Haunting. The piano intro and world weary vocal. The loss of innocence. Builds and builds and then blasts off into the fade. An epic ballad really. My favorite EC fadeout…


Why is this not a standard? Was there ever a more perfect song written? Celine, are you listening?


The two Power Ballads from Tonight You're Mine. "Sleep With Me" and "All for Love" are both incredibly underrated!

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Brian the happy Beach Boys-ish harmonies aside, there's no way I'd consider "Someday" to be a happy song at all: "Someday, you're gonna think about how you used to treat me so cruel...Someday, man you'll crawl back to me."

I've also said many times that "The Way.." was the perfect vehicle for someone like Celine. There's no doubt in my mind that this song or something like "Boats" in the hands of a 'current' artist, could be hits. Of course then we run the risk of being submitted to a version that we're most likely not going to enjoy.


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I adore All For Love and Sleep With Me. Those are special songs I just want to listen to again and again. Runaway is so haunting that it's absolutely powerful. Don't worry, with the resurgent interest in Raspberries, and, yes, many people even "rediscovering" (or discovering for the first time!) who Raspberries are, there will be also a big interest in Eric's music. As Chris deBurgh sings, (and I love it) "Timing is Everything," and I would say the time is finally right! For ALL of it! And Marv, it may be a different version, but version-schmersion, it puts the music OUT THERE--and that's all that matters!

smile --Darlene

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I disagree Marv. The first EC solo album sold a ton, had three hit singles and a long chart run. Eric has had a long and varied songwriting career and people all over the world know and love his songs. There's a reason he lives in a big beautiful home and works only when he wants. It's called success.

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Eric Carmen is successful, but we're talking about underrated songs. As far as the US is concerned, I think Marvin's right (and he's writing from a Canadian point of view!). Certainly Eric is successful, but not as successful as most of us, as fans, think he should be. My opinion is that the bulk of his work is sadly underrated (completely unknown, in fact) in this country, compared to Michael Jackson or Eminem (or however you'd spell such a name), for example. If not more success, Eric deserves at least more recognition! Too many Americans don't even know who he is, let alone know any of his songs other than "All By Myself."

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Brian the first album sold well (GOLD I believe), but that was close to 30 years ago. Nowadays, the big single from that 1st album is associated more with Celine Dion than it is with Eric. You'd be hard-pressed to find people outside of this forum who know much about Eric. But that's all going to change now, right? spin


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