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Raspberries Box Set


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I remember a very early description of the Ramones as "Beach Boys in leather jackets, with amps turned up to 10, and no high harmonies"...and I think that's still pretty accurate. I believe the Raspberries could do most of the Ramones' better material and it would fit in nicely.

Personally, I'd recommend "Rocket to Russia". If songs like "Rockaway Beach," "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow", and "Sheena Is A Punkrocker", or their cover of "Do You Wanna Dance" don;t hook you, nothing probably will.

Agree 100% about the evils of music snobbery...there's no place for it in popular music...which is not to say that I like everything I hear - but I don't dismiss it as crap or noise either.

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Yeah, I agree with you regarding the production on "Road To Ruin". I just feel the songs are stronger on "Rocket".

The wildest story I ever heard about the production of a Ramones LP involves, not surprisingly, Phil Spector & "End Of The Century". Allegedly (and I got this first hand from Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies, whose band recorded at Spector's Gold Star studios), due to Seymour Stein's not paying Spector what they agreed upon for services rendered, the public never heard Phil's actual intended mix of EOTC, which, per Cyril, sounded like "a cross between the Ramones and Yardbirds in outer space"....allegedly, it would have been far and away their best-sounding work (although, frankly, I don't think a lot of the songs were all that strong anyway), and it might have finally broken them commercially. (Doubtful)

BTW, Stein pulled the same stunt on the Groovies (short-changing Phil S.), who never did get their masters from Spector....bootleg versions of the 5-6 songs they recorded there have surfaced over the years, but they were taken from cheap cassette recordings that were smuggled out of the studio.

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