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New MP3 File!

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First of all, it's suppose to rain for the next day or so here in Hamilton, Ontario,

I listened to "On Broadway", it was live alright, Eric definately made a rocker of that song.

As he made it through the middle of the song, and ended in a softly manner, with the clapping of a live audience.

I always thought that song was too mellow for me

when I hear Barry Manillow sing it.

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I have been hearing about this song for a long time now angry and I was beginning to think I was never gonna hear it. Well thank you Bernie, That song is great!! It does kick ass as so many of you have said. eek But mostly makes me wish I had seen Eric Live back then. frown

How very fortunate we all are to have this web site and Bernie to give us all these goodies we might never have or hear.

LUCKY US!! laughlaughlaugh


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Great choice for this weekend, Bernie! This mp3 really illustrates the versatility, depth and scope of Eric's talent. This is the kind of performance his audience saw live, every time. Here's a rock n' roll musician, really *styling* a song in a totally different genre, making it part rock. His talent is underscored by the fact that he had 5 years of classical piano lessons, period. No voice lessons, no guitar lessons. And this is what he does. Eric performed that song at both of his shows the night of his New York City solo debut at The Bottom Line in April of 1976. He had the place so quiet at the end of it that you could hear a pin drop. His voice sounded so raw and hungry when he sang "I'll have my name in lights..." And I still remember him with his right hand up in the air at the end. Pure drama, that was electrifying. This mp3 captures it. Thanks!

smile --Darlene

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