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Raspberries Reunion Concert Merchandise


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eBay actually owns PayPal now, if I'm not mistaken. Bernie is right, though, about the scammers. I am constantly flooded by emails pretending to be PayPal; some looking very authentic. Never respond to these emails. I get some pretending to be banks as well and then there is the classic Nigerian ruler who has been overthrown and needs your bank account # so he can transfer his millions into your account.

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blackhawkpat - Me too! That's a great pic! And I assume you mean 2x3 FEET, not INCHES, right? Can anybody say 'poster'? I wish Gene had been doing the M&G photos - his stuff is the best! Gene, if you're out there, I think you could probably earn a bit of extra Xmas $ with those shots. Please let us know if you'd be willing to let us buy prints from you.

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