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It's time to take full advantage of the latest internet technologies. WE WANT ERIC CAM!!! As part of Eric's studio renovation, how about a live video feed to be displayed here at ec.com. If we can't hear anything new from Eric(yet), at least we'll be able to see him working on new music. He can wave. Occasionally he can wear those tight pants our fellow posters love so much. He can have his kids come in and mug into the camera. We can see what he's having for lunch. Imagine all the amazing things we'll see via EricCam! (Ok, let's keep this clean) Bernie, the time has come...WE WANT ERIC CAM!!


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No, I have to vote against Eric Cam. It would cause a major downturn in the North American economy. Too many of us would be spending the day watching Eric, and not being productive in any way ourselves.

Just imagine - Eric in those tight pants eek , sitting writing music for hours! I know no work would ever get done again at my house (or Darlene's). And if we didn't see him working, we'd be going crazy trying to figure out where he is, what he's doing, and why he isn't there writing his music. Is he at Chez McDonald's with the kids? Nothing good could come out of this!

Michelle :rolleyes:

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I have a GREAT idea for EricCam: Point the camera on the fans, and Bernie can send Eric a video of one of us at home every week. I'm sure Eric just couldn't wait to see Lobsterlvr Dave and me go into Cranbury Hardware to purchase stainless steel nails for some household project. Or Bernie and Kathy's kids laughing at their musical tastes.

Or my husband looking squinty-eyed with a frown on his face the night I got stuck in the groove playing "My Heart Stops" and singing it over and over at 2 AM when he was trying to sleep!

Girls, when we've gained "Winter weight," the last thing we'd want Eric to see is US in tight pants....

smile --Darlene

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