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Thank You Santa Bernie and Santa Eric too!!


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Wow! A lot of us this year sure were bad - if the amount of coal we generated has any indication! Thanks for sharing the song with us Bernie. Can you give us a bit of a background on it? Any idea why it was never released? I'm constantly amazed at the quantity and quality of the songs Eric has written and recorded, but never released. He's got a few albums sitting around just waiting. I'm certainly happy that cne more of these songs has been brought to light! A great present!

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I listened to the song ALL day today. I first thought "It is OK", but then, I couldn't get it out of my head. Now, I think it is a beautiful masterpiece. The only thing it is missing is full orchestration, and I think that is why it didn't hit me as hard at first. Then, realizing it is a demo, I filled in the rest in my head, and it is a very "Boats-worthy" tune.

Thank you Bernie and Eric -- was the best gift yet !!!!

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What you guys heard was Eric's original piano demo made sometime in 1976. He did these VERY LOW TECH with just two passes on a portable tape recorder—once for piano and vocals and a second time to doubletrack his vocals. It was not done in a studio, but most likely recorded in his apartment as he composed and finished each new tune.

These demos would then be used to generate interest with the record company, allow the band to learn the songs, and as a reference tape later in the studio while cutting the actual album. The full story on "Temporary Hero" (as well as many other RIDICULOUSLY GREAT unreleased songs) is fully explored in Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

Plenty of copies are still available for your after-Christmas SHOPPING :-)


PS: "Temporary Hero" is one of my TOP 3 unrelased Eric songs, joining "Cindy In The Wind" and "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea." It's quite an incredible assembly of parts with the standard "coming out of nowhere" bridge that is actually two different bridges sandwiched one on top of the other. The lyrics (all written by Eric before he started working with cowriters) is INTENSELY personal, showing a vulnerable young songwriter's pain and suffering as he finds himself suddenly in the midst of newfound fame. Confronted with pressure from record company executives to repeat the success of "All By Myself" he comes to the tortured realization that if this was indeed "it"—"it" may not have been worth it. Quite an incredible display of songwriting.

Imagine it complete with full orchestrations, as Jeff said, and it would surely have been one of the standout tracks on an otherwise already PERFECT album, Boats Against The Current.

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i always thought that "hero" would be a great way for eric to to open a solo concert.

a very subdued setting and eric sings this song petty much like the demo until he gets to the end were he is basically humming, and the lights dim again.....(while eric slips on his guitar)

lights back on and he blasts into "spotlight".

sort of a solo version of i can remember!!

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Bernie - Thanks for the song. I was up late Xmas Eve trying to get my dial-up connection to have the full song in the buffer and then record it internally through the sound card - it was worth it.

Now here's a challenge: Can anyone name a singer/songwriter who has a higher ratio of songs about the recording industry/career in his catalog than Eric? I haven't counted, but he must have at least 10 or so. I need to make a playlist called "Eric sings about the business."

Thanks again.

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Well, my Christmas was good, here that Bernie, good Lol

It was quiet, I had a turkey given to me from a church, so I had given it to my sister to cook for her family and myself.

I was awake in the morning opening up the presents I had recieved from Bernie, as I clicked on each box, I found one by one a lump of coal.

I was getting to the second row, I was thinking to myself, oh no, was I bad?

I clicked on more boxes, Oh No!

I was really bad.

Then, The fifth row, I must have been a little


C'mon, something has to come up, I should joined the army.

For dicipline.

Ok finally, the last row, something came on, it was a mp3 song from 1976, "Temporary Hero"

the demo.

That song is remarkable, I like it, it's smooth, very well sung.

I like one line, "Like Gallahad in denim with a six string sword".

See, lots more of Eric's songs to enjoy, that is one of them.

Thank you Bernie.

I still have that bag of coal, I'm going to ship it back to you, parcel post.


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Would you believe I got the lyrics page on the second try (the computer froze up on the first) and then I never got the audio???????


But that was the coolest page i ever saw and so much fun!!!

Merry Christmas everyone and NOW I can start thinking about the concert on a full time basis!!!


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Bernie, you stinker! I checked EVERY present to make sure I wasn't missing out on a second gem!

"Temporary Hero" was the crowning gift for my Christmas tree! It is uniquely personal, and carries the signature longing of Eric's most beautiful songs. The lyrics show what I've always felt--that he doesn't *need* any co-writer at all, except Wally. Forget the slick people he used as "lyricists." The test is to take the music away and read the songs as poetry. Like Jake Holmes from the '70s (his album, "So Close, So Very Far To Go), Eric's lyrics are pure poetry. Then his music does indeed make every song a masterpiece. Thanks again for a beautiful, beautiful offering. These gems need to be released, and will, in Eric's good time.

smile --Darlene

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Annie, I never got the audio either, and it was upsetting, huh? Oh well frown

Gord, you shoulda did what I did, when you put your cursor over the presents, in the lower left of your screen you could see a number, 14, 12, 19, etc... I noticed there were lots and lots of 14's, 19's, and 12's, but only ONE 18... I clicked on it and got the page without coal smile

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