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Chic, Grandmaster Flash, Joe Tex or Raspberries?


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(I thought this thread had been deleted.)

PS: JohnO, it wasn't the whole thread that got bounced.... It was just, as I recall, the two or three pages where you and R-Wine became slightly annoyed with each other.... Okay, not slightly annoyed.... Really POed! It was reading like a barroom brawl scene in the show Deadwood on HBO. JohnO and R-Wine (wearing cowboy hats, leather vests, and chaps) were really dukin' it out---throwing chairs, smashing bottles over each other's heads, falling through tables....

It was awesome!

But, like Fleetwood Mac once sang, "Everyone fights, but the fire flies."

PS: I'm probably a loner on this one, but... I don't buy Van Halen in the Hall of Fame. I know they have a huge number of fans (disclaimer: I was never one of 'em), but c'mon.... Van Halen? Really? Which singer goes into the Hall with 'em? All of 'em? (Apologies to any VH fans.)

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Hmmm...I don't see the "Deadwood" reference, primarily, I guess, because neither of us called the other a c***s***er.......(One of the best games to play while watching "Deadwood" is counting the # of times they use the word...)

While I don't care for Van Halen OR Eddie's guitar-slinging (two hands on the fretboard constitutes wankery, as far as I'm concerned....Christ, it was impossible to go into any music store and look at guitars without having to hear some 12 year old kid do his version of "Eruption"...), I would have been shocked if the band hadn't been elected to the HOF. They were the stone killer favorites of tons and tons of Gen X'ers.

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