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Chic, Grandmaster Flash, Joe Tex or Raspberries?


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"All I know is I really doubt Percy Sledge fans are traveling all over the country to his gigs at great expense whenever they occur. Hmmm, much activity over at the Percy Sledge Message Board or is it quieter than a mausoleum? Is Percy Sledge grandmaster in his hometown holiday parade this year? VH-1?, Springsteen calling out ole Percy's name at gigs,? Village Voice reviewed him recently?"

R-Wine - At the risk of once again going back on my word about making no more PS posts, sorry, but I couldn't resist. I honestly DON'T care about the man, but I looked this sh*t up, JUST FOR YOUR BENEFIT, OK?

Sledge has 7 shows scheduled between 11/17 and Feb. 07, including one in Germany (How many do Raspberries have?)

He released an album of new material in early '05 , to critical acclaim (3.5 stars in Rolling Stone)....(no comment)

The PSledge.com webboard, while not recently clawing with activity, has 1,772 registered users.

How many do we have here?

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I don't have a dog in this fight but will say that Percy's board activity seems very slow..a total of a couple of hundred topics..with 1,700 users?? If you are a solo artist with a couple of hits you can make a living touring the oldies circuit...I'd bet Eric could easily play as many gigs as Percy if he wished..most likley at larger venues.I like Percy Sledge..my beef is he got in before The Hollies & DC5.

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R-Wine and other posters on this thread....Lest someone get pissed at me for appearing to be negative about our favorite band in that last post....No, I wasn't trying to be. If it comes across that way, I apologize to the band and this board...

My point? I wasn't remotely aware of Mr. Sledge's recent career activities (other than I knew about the recent CD), until I looked it up on his web site....and I'm sure that R-Wine wasn't aware of this info, either. Difference? I haven't been posting negative sh*t about PS or any other artist, whether in the R&R HOF or not. And I'm just as irritated as anyone else here about the inclusion of individuals like PS in the Hall, while Eric & co. remain excluded and un-inducted.

I don't care for the institution of the R&R HOF, its selection methods, OR what appears to be the bizarre rationale used by some voters to elect some artists. However, I'm NOT pissed at the artists who have been elected, let alone to the point where I'm going to post negative, disrespectful OR incorrect crap about their careers, recording accomplishments, personalitities, etc.

What dragged Percy S. into my posts on this thread was, simply, several posters stating that his entire career consisted of his best-known song, period. To state this is to be totally unaware of his career...and anyone that unaware shouldn't be criticizing the artist. It's akin to saying the Raspberries did nothing of note other than GATW....also obviously, almost criminally, wrong.

Did he get in primarily due to this song? Certainly....but is that any worse than, let's say, Buffalo Springfield (whom I love) getting in primarily because of their members' post-BS careers? Because they had maybe 1 Top 20 hit (For What It's Worth), and as couple more Top 40 singles. Take away Stills', Young's, Furay's, and Messina's later careers, and they'd never have gotten in either.

IMHO, there have been NO HOF nominations OR elections of artists whose music careers haven't been distinguished, accomplished, or, at least, very pleasing to large numbers of people. Yes, there have been some rather bizarre selections of some artists over others.....but WHY do some people need to react to their favorites' exclusion by denigrating the careers of the successful electees? For that matter, WHY can't some of us here be allowed to enjoy and love the music of both Raspberries and P.Sledge, without being subjected to sarcasm and smartass remarks? Just wondering....

I need a drink....or five......

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The thread that wouldn't die.....

JohnO, if I'm included in your latest rant (I'd have to re-check my posts to see if I'm guilty of writing incorrect or negative crap about PS), I would just say this:

I wasn't meaning to denigrate Sledge. Do I know his music? Not that well, other than The Hit. I actually own a couple of compilations, including a 2-disc set, so I know enough of his music to realize he's not a rock'n'roll artist, at least not in the sense that I think of rock'n'roll. That said, I realize that we've already established that the R&R HOF goes way beyond what most of us consider rock'n'roll. And that said, given the "wide-open" music stylists that have been inducted, okay, yeah, I do think there are many acts who should have been in line in front of Percy. And Raspberries is one of them. Is that so wrong? Its just MHO.

Yep, another drink might help. When is the next Girls in DC meeting? (That thread always puts the song "The Girls on the Beach" in my head...)

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Hey you guys...I was having some fun with the Joe Tex song. Which I think actually dates back to '77, incidentally.

Truth is, it kind of makes me laugh.

"She done hurt my hip, she knocked me down"

The funniest thing about it being that Joe Tex himself wasn't exactly small.

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Somewhere out there Solomon and Percy are saying, "Heck we only sang songs, we didn't ask to be categorized!!"

Solomon is definitely more deserving for inclusion in a "R&B Hall of Fame" than the "RRHoF", but nevertheless, I've got Solomon's last three discs since he returned to the music biz', and they're great - especially his disc, "Don't Give Up On Me."


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You know, I picked Percy just kind of randomly because I thought the whole idea of the "Rock Hall" was supposed to be about ....well, ROCK! I never meant to diminish Percy as an artist or any other way and I don't really think anyone else did either. It's just that when you say the words "rock 'n roll", the music that probably comes to most people's minds has more to do with Chuck Berry, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones than with Percy Sledge or James Taylor. Frank Sinatra was a fine artist, too, but I don't think he belongs in the Rock Hall either. Having said that, do you think we could put this one to bed? I think we've pretty much pulverized it at this point. ec

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Definitely put it to bed....

(But what happened to the two pages containing that knock-down, drag-out brawl between two prominent opine-rs in this thread? Edited out for... um... clarity, I would guess. Well, it was entertaining while it lasted.... I just hope there's no hard feelings between the contestants.)

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It's official! Grandmaster Flash is in! No Chic, though. Maybe next year?

Van Halen `jumps' Into Rock Hall

By Associated Press

CLEVELAND - Van Halen made a "jump" into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday along with Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, R.E.M., the Ronettes and Patti Smith.

A panel of 600 industry experts selected the five artists to be inducted at the annual ceremony, to be held March 12 in New York.

Van Halen was the 1980s hard rock quartet led by guitarist Eddie Van Halen, outrageous lead vocalist David Lee Roth, and later rocker Sammy Hagar, that put out hits such as "Jump" and "Dreams."

R.E.M. was the quintessential indie rock band until breaking through to mass success in the early 1990s with songs like "Losing My Religion."

Grandmaster Flash led the most innovative act in early hip-hop, and the song "The Message" was like a letter from urban America.

Punk rock poet Patti Smith and Phil Spector favorites the Ronettes round out the 2007 class.

To be eligible, artists must have issued a first single or album at least 25 years before nomination.

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I still remember fondly that time period of the first couple R.E.M albums and how simultaneosly fresh and nostalgic they were when they appeared and that their strong song writing capabilities were obvious. Marv, the Lefetz article points to the schism so evident between the baby boomers and younger generations in terms of product purchasing issues as well as to what types of artists different generations are going to perceive of as being "appropriate" under the rock umbrella. I know Id certainly support Percy Sledge over Grandmaster Flash, thats for sure.

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