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Chic, Grandmaster Flash, Joe Tex or Raspberries?


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I know who I'd vote for. Even though they have been eligible for inclusion since 2002, our boys have once again been snubbed by the nominating committee.


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Van Halen, R.E.M. on upcoming ballot for Rock Hall of Fame

By John Soeder

Plain Dealer Pop Music Critic

Go ahead and jump - for joy! - Van Halen fans. The hard-rocking band has been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, along with eight other acts.

This is the first nomination for Van Halen, although the group has been eligible for at least the past three years.

R.E.M. and the Ronettes are the other first-time nominees on the latest Rock Hall ballot, which also has Chic, the Dave Clark Five, Grandmaster Flash, Patti Smith, the Stooges and Grandmaster Flash, in the running again for enshrinement, according to a source familiar with the nomination proceedings.

Van Halen has sold more than 56 million albums in the United States alone, on the strength of such hits as "Why Can't This Be Love" and the chart-topping "Jump." The Los Angeles band released its self-titled debut in 1978. Hotshot guitarist Eddie Van Halen has been a mainstay, but the group has had a succession of lead singers, including David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone.

R.E.M., the jingle-jangle alt-rock pride of Athens, Ga., is fronted by vocalist Michael Stipe. After winning over the college-radio crowd in the early 1980s, the band found mainstream success to the tune of "Losing My Religion" and other Top 40 singles.

New York City's Ronettes were a quintessential R&B girl group, groomed by producer Phil Spector, whose eight-year marriage to singer Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes ended in 1974. The trio is best known for its 1963 smash "Be My Baby."

The Dave Clark Five became one of England's leading musical exports in the 1960s, riding high on the charts with "Over and Over," "Because," "Bits and Pieces" and other British Invasion tunes.

New York singer-poet Smith and Detroit's Stooges, led by Iggy Pop, paved the way for punk by taking a no-frills approach to rock in the late ¤'60s and early ¤'70s.

"The Message" and "White Lines" were hits in the ¤'80s for Grandmaster Flash. This marks the third consecutive nomination for the groundbreaking New York DJ, who would be the first hip-hop artist in the Rock Hall if he makes the cut.

Chic, helmed by Bernard Edwards (who died of pneumonia in 1996) and Nile Rodgers, also has a hip-hop connection. The funky groove from the disco-era New York band's "Good Times" resurfaced on the Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight," the first major hip-hop single.

Soul singer Tex of Rogers, Texas, reached the Top 5 in 1965 with "Hold What You've Got." He died of a heart attack in 1982.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, based in New York, oversees the induction process. Artists are eligible 25 years after the release of their first recording.

The foundation recently downsized its nominating committee, made up of music industry insiders and chaired by Bruce Springsteen's manager, Jon Landau.

"We've made the committee smaller to move things along quicker," said Joel Peresman, president and CEO of the foundation.

Ballots are set to be mailed in the next few days to an international pool of voters, including record company executives and previous inductees.

Plans for the 2007 induction ceremony have not been announced.

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Like I posted once before....On one hand you got Percy Sledge who did the great "When A Man Loves A Woman" and ummm-Let's see what else did he ever do of any note?.....Oh yeah-that's right...N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!....and he's in!

On the other hand you got the Raspberries who did the greater "Go All The Way"and.............S-O M-U-C-H M-O-R-E!...and ummm-Let's see-what do they get...N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!

I guess ya gotta do more than pioneer a genre and create and sing great music.

I guess ya gotta be somebody else's idea of cool.

Y-U-C-K!!! crazy -Ira.

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They need to re-name it the "Music Hall of Fame" or something else, because some of the artists in the Hall could never be mistaken for Rock and Roll. They were just talking about this very thing on VH1 Classic the other day, and Eddie Trunk pulled no punches essentially calling the Hall "a joke".

I have to admit that I do have Joe Tex's "I Gotcha" on 45 though.


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It made me go "huh"????? that Bob Seger and Bowie took so long. Although DC5 were not the Beatles or Stones why aren't they in? I know the hall is in Cleveland but it is controlled by people in NYC and LA who want hype, (we can sell more product if they're in), not people who recognize the influence of the artists.

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I think Rodgers and Edwards should be voted in as a duo, perhaps.

Anyway, Van Halen as well as REM should be in, but the rest?

Again, no Chicago, Moody Blues, ELO, Cheap Trick, The Hollies, or Alice Cooper.

and why pass over Ringo? The other three are in individually. For a couple of years in the 70's Ringo had a successful string of hits that were as popular as anything John, Paul, or George weree releasing...


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During the lifetime of this website, the one thread that rears its head every year around this time is, the Hall of Fame ballot and, the Raspberries exclusion every year. Beyond a few truly worthy members, for the rest, it's who you know moreso than what have you done.


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From our perspective here in New Zealand it is interesting the number of groups/artists who we have never heard of "down under" that get nominated yet Eric's and Raspberries music gets played here in New Zealand on the radio and they don't get a nomination.

Obviously "Fame" is used in a narrow sense in this case. No wonder international visitors wonder why the Hall is called what it is. They don't know a lot of the inductees..

Just my 2 cents worth..

Muzza cool

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I used to like a few of James Taylor's songs, but they haven't aged well. I find his stuff to be really, really sleep-inducing. Some of it ("You've Got a Friend") borders on nauseating. (Apologies to any JT fans.) Just don't see how he's in the Rock'n'Roll Hall. He doesn't have a rockin' bone in his body. If there were "Singer/Songwriters of Mellow Pop Ballads Hall," he'd be in. But not THE Hall.

The Lovin' Spoonful--nice band, but no, I don't see that. They had a few great moments ("Do You Believe in Magic" being at the top) but otherwise were average. If there were a "Nice Enough Pop Music from the 1960s Hall of Fame," they'd be in.

Percy? I love "When a Man Loves a Woman" but don't plan to ever listen to any of his other songs again, if I can help it. Maybe if there were a "One Great Hit Hall of Fame," he'd be in.

And Blondie? Again, nice enough, but the only way they should get into the Hall is by paying for tickets. (And I was like any guy in the 1980s who thought Deborah Harry was hot, in a cute, waif-like way.)

None of those acts were particularly earth-shaking. None were influential. None were architects of a style of music. Raspberries should be in well ahead of any of 'em.

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While I'm at it, there are others who seem out of place in the Hall: Parliament-Funkadelic, Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, Eddie Cochrane (he died at 21!), Ritchie Valens (what did he have, one record?), AC/DC (sorry, metal heads).... I also don't see Frank Zappa in there (just because you record 8 zillion albums doesn' qualify you!). Or even Joni Mitchell (although my 7-year-old daughter just got into "Big Yellow Taxi"). She's not a rock'n'roll artist!

I also thought it was silly to start putting blues and jazz legends in the Rock Hall. Once you start down that road, where do you stop?

So, like Bob Allen pointed out, how can anyone take the Hall seriously? What they should do is un-induct everybody and start over. But they won't.

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Listen to "Question" and "I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band"-even "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" "In Your Wildest Dreams" and "Go Now"-And tell me The Moody Blues don't know how to "ROCK" their way into the "Hall Of Fame"!-Ira.

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When we were doing Steve Jones' show in L.A. to publicize our upcoming concert at the HOB, Steve kept plugging the show and saying "They'll be playing Friday night at the House of Anything But Blues." Based on these inductions, maybe they should change the name to the "Everything But Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame". How do you put James Taylor in the Rock Hall before Alice Cooper and Kiss? ec

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It doesn't hurt R.E.M. that their politics is probably in line with the powers that be. I do think that Athens' own is worthy, however. You see these guys around town and at parties all the time. Nice guys, but Stipe is from a different planet. No consideration for The Small Faces speaks volumes for the ignorance and shallowness of the process.

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