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Eric's Guitar

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First the bad news, we caught the sun and got sunburn in Cleveland. The good news is… we found Eric's guitar!! It is immediately as you go in the main entrance of the Rock Hall, on the right hand side. It is REALLY clever and makes fascinating reading with all the artistes and song titles within the addresses on the envelopes. It's great and I LOVED the pictures/stamps. I studied it for ages and ages. I watched other people studying it and being fascinated by it too. I also heard someone say “Eric Carmen. He's done some great stuff.” Our trip was very tiring, but it was worth it to see Eric's special guitar. I wish I could be there for the auction. It is one of the best ones, so I expect it will fetch quite a lot for the charity. We also went to see the concert venues in St Louis, Toronto and Montreal, as well as the State Theatre in Cleveland. Apart from Toronto, they had a notice on the doors that the Abbey Road Concert was cancelled. The venue in Montreal was in a very iffy location, not what we expected at all. I'm glad we saw Eric's "Return to Fender' guitar ~ it was fab!

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I'm SO glad you had a good time, even though you didn't get to see Eric in concert. I'm relieved to hear the concert in Montreal was cancelled. It's the one I was planning on going to. Now I don't feel as bad about missing it.

Hopefully you'll be able to come back some other time, and we'll all get to see Eric in concert then!


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Julia-- You found Eric's guitar! So glad you got to see it! Have a great trip! I LOVE London. I spent January of 1982 in London while I was in college. It was such a great time! Say "hi" to Barry the Bobbie for me! --Julie -the farm gal cool

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