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Fav-Valentine EC Song


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I'm voting for "All for Love" for a great valentine's song. OK, Eric loses the girl, and the song is about him finding out too late that "Nothing Really Matters if you've got enough" love. But it's a nice sentiment, and his singing is great on it. His best ever, if you ask me.

"Sleep with me" is another fave, but you kind of have to know your Valentine pretty well to sing that song to them. Ah, who am I kidding - I'd sing it to just about anyone.... :D


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My favorite Valentine song for a brand new (hoping-it-goes-somewhere) relationship is "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight," especially if I'm on the receiving end of the message, and for an established relationship, "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine," again being on the receiving end of the message. That would definitely do it for me.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

:) --Darlene

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Wow..everyone's choices are fantastic. I guess if i had to choose a favorite, probably "Isn't it Romantic" would get my vote. I love Eric's voice when he sings "when i look at you it takes my breath away"..... But any of the above mentioned songs definitely would make my heart skip a beat. Marlene

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"forever tonight" is a great choice for that first time....

"is'nt it romantic" is for early on (i agree marlene..when i look at you it takes my breath away is classic eric)

and for the established relationship..."every time i make love to you" ( my wife loves that song!)

gee, all WD selections, marvin must be having a fit!!!!!!!!

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This is an old thread...from Feb. of 2004, BUT, since we have so many new board members..AND, it's getting "kinda" close to Valentine's Day...

I thought I'd bring it back to life...

What are YOUR choices ???

(p.s. Julie.....go back and read your post..this one HAS to have changed for YOU !!) ;)


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Well, I just got my Winter Dreams CD a couple months ago and I would pick: "Isn't It Romantic", "I Was Born To Love You", "Every Time I Make Love To You". Maybe: "I Want To Hear It From Your Lips"

But this year it looks like "It Hurts Too Much", "Never Gona Fall In Love Again" and "Boats Against The Current".

Oh well, maybe next year

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