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Weekend At Bernie's

Eric Carmen

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Besides being a warm beautiful person-I have always found Darlene to be a very spiritual person with a love of all religions and cultures and their musical heritages.

So I find it NO coincidence that after seeing Darlene again at "WAB IV"-a true special occassion- it occurred to me that another special occassion is coming up soon.

Rosh Hashannah is The symbolic Jewish New Year and it will come up in late September.

And on the Hebrew Calendar We are currently celebrating the year 5766.

If you scroll back 2 postings you'll see that Darlene has now posted 5749 times as of this writing.

I figure Darlene should be at 5766 within a day or three-right in time for Rosh Hashannah.

I told you she was a spiritual lady.-Ira.

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To Lew Bundles:

Your post of 8/29 is hardly worthy of a reply. However, it's time someone put you straight on a few things.

No one enjoys being insulted. And don't ask me if I can't take a joke. You aren't funny. You owe me a HUGE apology.

Are you trying to be the poor man's Don Rickles? He's never been funny either.

You are rude, crass and CRUEL! You are one of the most obnoxious and boring people I have ever met.

"Cuter than John the Baptist" ay? You may be many things, mister, but cute is NOT one of them.

Kathy's Aunt mad

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Sorry Auntie if I offended you...My intention was never to spoil anyones time but to add to their enjoyment...If you havent noticed, I get insulted as many times as I dish it out...But as you grow older, you seem to understand that they are only jokes...I'm suprised at your reaction...Sincere apologies to all that I offended at the party or subsequent posts...i truly enjoyed everyones company that day and am troubled that there were people that did not enjoy mine...

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...and, believe me, I would much rather have been there than here....especially given the fact I spent the week in throes of the break up of an almost 6 year relationship! eek


Good news is that I hope to be able to (yes, really this time!) spend a little more time here again with everyone. wink


Now what kind of friend would I be if I didn't invite you into my club - the super exclusive UNITED SINGLE WOMEN IN SEARCH OF MEN WHO AREN'T GAY, MARRIED, OR HUNG UP ON THEIR MOTHER (USWISOMWAGMOHUOTM Club)??? I'll even throw in a free six-month membership card which entitles you to join me on a Caribbean singles cruise to help you get over this heartbreak (good idea!!! laugh )... If you decide no, I have to warn you, whatever you do, stay away from Tony's Cartmill's Fantasy Matchmaking Service! I've heard really bad things arrgh He'll lead you astray. But - when you find someone new, I know a really good investigator who can check out his background and make sure he's right for you. If he's got skeletons in the closet, I'll find them.
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Gotta love that acronym, Mellie! I think I'll join just so I can put that on a bumper sticker...not enough room on a license plate, but want you to know that would be my first choice for proudly proclaiming my membership. I'm already watching the mailbox for that membership card so I can begin enjoying its perks. When do we leave on that cruise??

And, no, Tony, you're not invited. Thank goodness she warned me about your "Service" - I'll set the filters on my e-mail to catch that spam. I'm not knocking the "leading astray" part...that can be fun at the right times (witness photo #2 in the contest)...it's just that I've had a long enough trip down that garden path...!

Mellie, dig out that spy glass and get to work!

(Now, won't you all be gunning for me at WAB V??? I'm already picking out the appropriate camo to wear.)

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