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Weekend At Bernie's

Eric Carmen

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Hi kids...it's Al, AKA "What's his name" (jealousy will get you nowhere!)I finally made it home from WAB4 after a short delay and a few hours of community service(that Bernie sure knows how to throw a party!). It was great to meet some of you for the first time and to see some others again! I'll be getting some photos to Bernie to post, and then we'll talk about the caption contest! Enjoy!

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Diane - I had a wonderful time hangin with you. I owe you cutie. Hopefully, someday soon. Thanks so much. There was so much food I didnt have a chance to taste that beautiful cheesecake. Probably a good thing after seeing some of these pics. Oh dear....I'm calling JENNY. WAIT....I forgot about the news that Lew posted. Oh dear... I am soooo screwed! heehee

Tommy Tunes and family - So great to meet you. I was thinking at any moment you were going to blurt out some lyrics and say "NAME THAT TUNE"

Til we meet again.

Lew Bundles - Well, I could write several pages about my time spent talking with you, but my time is way too precious,so I'm not going to waste it. *kidding*teasing* You are very entertaining. Thanks for the laughs. I laughed so hard talking with you that my sides still hurt. Thanks for playing DJ. That was nice. Great job!

You know you really are kinda "harsh". You just about shredded me up with your sharp attitude. OUCH! Poor me. BTW- Anthony asked me about the big bruise on my arm. Sorry, I had to tell him the truth. Funny....he just booked a flight to the east coast. Hmmmm.....*shrugs shoulders* Oh well.......take care!

Kiwi and Muzza - Loved the chocolate fish. YUM! Thanks!

Scentlady - Sue, the gifts were so cool, so creative. Thanks!

I know there were a couple of phones being passed around so we could talk to our friends that were unable to make it. We missed you so much. So nice to know that you were home celebrating along with us.

Jim, Barb, Al, Denise - WOWIE! Thanks for the nice suprise. Oh my...we screamed so loud. My heart almost flipped out of my chest. I know you are so busy and it means so much that you took the time to join us. Your attendance showed us, the fans, how much YOU appreciate US. Hope you had fun too! My heart is still pounding *thump,thump*

Bernie and Kathy- THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are so warm so, gracious. Kathy I loved the chocolates on my pillow. heehee. Sweet!

XOXO to everyone! Til next time....

Love, G

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Tony, I cant believe we knew something you didnt. Al was the great guy that arranged for the Raspberries Sweat shirts Kiwi and I are wearing in the photo from WAB down Under. See his fame has even reached New Zealand laugh

As he said, buy the product and you meet the people smilie

Muzza cool

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