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Weekend At Bernie's

Eric Carmen

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Hi everybody! We're busy here getting the kids ready for their first day back at school this week, but I want you to know I'm there with you in spirit. Once again, a great big "thank you" to Bernie and Kathy for just being the absolute best. We are all so lucky to have them. Thanks to each of you for making ec.com one of the best, most informative and most civilized places on the internet. HAVE A GREAT DAY! Love, Eric

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Kathy, thanks for remembering me. Your phone call made my day. Thanks, too, for putting Jim B. on the phone. What an unexpected surprise. He's such a class guy.

It was great to speak with Darlene and Marlene. Sorry Ira, the cell connection was so bad I couldn't hear you. The group shout out was awesome.

Thanks for all of it - I felt like I was there. Ironically, I was in the chat room with Kiwi/Muzza, mellie and paulie when your call came.

Can't wait for the pics, tho.

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I would like to thank everybody for the shout out over the phone also. I appreciate the feeling and it's mutual. Glad to hear everybody having a good time, wish I could have made it. Did anybody jump and get up on the table? Hope I get to see everybody real soon.

TED!!!! there's another shout out for Ted. You da man!

peace all, Jay

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Hey everybody !!! I just got home from the party...tired and SO excited at the same time. If I tried to tell you about it now, I'm afraid it wouldn't make much sense, so I'll be back tomorrow with a full report. (Along with others, I'm sure. It was incredible !! wink I'll send them to Bernie and Kathy tomorrow...although, I know there were several cameras floating about..so, no doubt there will be some up soon anyway.

I wish you all could have been there..you make me smile every day...and I feel so fortunate to be a part of this "family" !!

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Bravo, to Bernie and Kathy, even though I couldn't be there. Jim, Al- all class people. I'll check-out Jim's drum piece on Ebay. Did anyone sing or play? When Eric has a concert, sometime, it would be fun to get together sometime before or after. Or, the next day, with food, if that's better.

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Hello everyone ..

I just got back from the WAB, which was my first, and had an absolutely FABULOUS time !!! spin

First, I want to thank Kathy and Bernie for being such gracious hosts. I felt the “warmth†the minute I walked in the door. Thank you both for everything.

I finally had the chance to see the faces of the people on this board. There were some I had already met at shows and some I had never had the opportunity to meet….until tonight. Barb and Jim are wonderful and warm people, Annie and Gina are absolutely delightful. Conversations flowed with Darlene, Lisa, Ira, Dave, Harry, Peter, Marlene, Al, Denise and “Tunsey†(who is quite a character !!!). I spoke to Sugar, Muzza and Kiwi by phone and wished they had been there to share in the fun.

Thank you “ScentLady†for your thoughtful special gifts.

The food was great, the company was fantastic…and the music was PHENOMENAL !!! laughlaugh


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This year's welcome banner.

Marlene, Lisa, Kathy and Gina.

Standing: LobsterLvr, AnnieK, Tiggsherby, Theresa, LastDanceLisa (hidden), BarbB, Lew Bundles, Kathy, Lou, JohnP, Cool Chick Auntie, Denise. Seated: Ira, Jim and Dianed.

Denise, Al, Bernie, Barb, Jim and Kathy.

Cool Chick Auntie!

Gina's "Weekend At Bernie's" fingernail. (Next year…a tattoo!)



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Hi everybody!

We missed you all yesterday but rest assured we had you there in spirit...

I think I about fell through the floor when Kathy met me at the door and grabbed me in a huge hug and said "Jim and Barb and Al and Denise are HERE..." I don't think it sunk in until I walked outside and there everybody was...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bernie and Kathy for a fan-tastic party...just a very intimate gathering of all our board family with a tasty menu of food, music and chat. I do believe we sucked Lew Bundles into the "cult" of Ec.com...or maybe it was the wine?! wink

Thank you Scent lady for the very thoughtful gifts - we all just thought they were so special!

Hey Dave, we were so bummed you left!

I'm here to tell you all that Gina is an evil woman....all the pictures that get posted that MIGHT have some questionable content were ALL engineered by Gina. laughlaughcrazy

What a great tradition this day has become - talking to Muzza and Kiwi was awesome, as was getting to shout out to Ted and Jay!

And, Jay? Yes, someone did dance on a cooler outside while Lew was spinning his stuff but as the saying goes:

"What happens at WAB, stays at WAB..."

but Lisa was a delight, even though she made me look at all the pictures of her and Dave...twice.

I think the pictures of Harry, Tommy and Lew with Raspberries earrings on should be posted...I think the pictures of Diane, Marlene, Kathy, Gina, Lisa, Barb, Denise, Darlene and i skinny dipping should NOT be posted.

I had a ball with all y'all and I can't wait to do it again. And thank you for making yesterday a much easier day for Pete and I to deal with after dropping Kyle off at college for the first time...you all were the perfect tonic.

love you all - annie and pete

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